Top 10 Best Community Development Approaches Practiced by Development Workers

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Here are my top 10 Best Community Development Approaches Practiced by Development Workers.

From the ancient period, people are living in a community and helping each other to deal with any problem. From the early age, people helping one another in different situations and solving any issues of the society. In this way, the human beings are leading an organized life. The community development approaches to empower groups and individuals with the suitable skills so they can make necessary changes in the community.

Photo by: Stuart Miles/
Photo by: Stuart Miles/

There are ten best community development strategies which are practiced by the development workers to ensure the progress of the community. They are:

1. Locality Development/ Civic Organizing:

The locality development or civic organization is done when a separate community or welfare organizations come together and take joint initiative for the elaboration of the society.

2. Social Action:

The main aim of this policy is to promote some social action which can change the existing socio- political and socio-economic processes as well as structures to develop the critical perspective of the people living in the community.

3. Social Planning:

Social planning is done by the collaboration of different organizations who are concerned with the assessment of the needs and issues of the community as well as the systematic planning that is required by the community. Through social planning, the issues regarding society can be solved quickly.

4. Community Building:

Community building is the process of which the community is built and developed rather than the set of separate or pre-packaged interferences. Community building is necessary because without a proper community building the development of the society is impossible.

5. Women-Centered/ Feminist Organizing:

Women are the almost the half of the population so if you are thinking of developing the community it is needed to organize as well as develop the women community of the society. For this reason, women-centered o feminist organizing is the need. Through the women-focused organization, the community confirms a safe place as well as necessary management by which the status and position of women are looking after and at the same time the problems of women are also looked after.

6. Consensus Organizing:

Consensus organizing is a method or agreement which is made for the proper coordination of the community. If the development of a community is essential then by consensus, it is possible to assure the development.


7. Service Extension:

Service Extension is an integral component of the society. This is a strategy that searches for the extension of operations by the society as well as services by making them more available and significant. This approach is common to universities and colleges as part of the four mandates of the faculties in the service of the people. In fact, a group of extension implementer’s have organized themselves to showcase their extension activities in their respective universities by hosting conferences. Visit this post to know more about extension implementer’s.

8. Community Participation:

It is essential to make necessary arrangements for all the community to participate equally. In here, the more people who participate in the development of the community, the more it becomes successful. This will also help makeĀ the people create a sense of ownership of the interventions in the community from funding agencies.

9. Asset Based Community Development:

Asset-based community development is needed because assets are also a part of society and for this reason, assets should be counted and developed in the proper manner. Read more about Asset based community development by Gary Paul Green here.

10. Organizing Development:

It helps groups and bodies to progress a form that allows the members of the society to attain the development goals, to act lawfully as well as to be accountable as the member of the community.

These community organizing tools are the main approaches by which community develops. These makes an improved community development models which are the active forces that are necessary for continuing of globalization as well as centralization in many states around the world. The underdeveloped communities should under these if they are intending development.


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