Research Resources For Community Development

My top research resources for your community

development activities.

I put up these helpful research resources to help you find your way to help make a sustainable community.

This is arranged based on the criteria such as free online course, educational organizations, and blogs for sustainable development.

Free Online Courses


This is one of the best free online courses you can find. I was fortunate enough to join the Age of Sustainable Development course in this site.

The lecturer was Prof. Jeffrey Sachs and it was very well explained. You can’t go wrong when you join there courses here.

In fact, I have joined five courses here for free.

However, though they have offer free courses that you can take, they also have the option for students to ask for certificates (with fee), but you can choose not to get a certificate too.

I finished my free courses in this site without getting my certificates. It doesn’t matter to me as long as I learned a lot.

Research resources from established organizations

World Resources Institute

If you are interested in current scientific findings about world resources, for sure you would want to visit World Resources Institute.

They have lots of resources that could be your reference in your research and community initiatives.

Don’t miss any of their update.

Join their blog and RSS.


Need answers to your questions regarding environment? Visit Earth Talk.

The website highlights environmental issues in their question and answer article.

They even accepts sponsorship of their article, which is perfect for bloggers who focus on sustainable development and climate change (like this site).

The good news is that their articles is free to publish with a credit link to their website (of course).

Its a win-win strategy for bloggers and the company itself.

What are you waiting for? Go visit Earth Talk.Org now!

My favorite site which advocates FREE WATER for all. If you are an individual who wanted to give free and safe drinking water.

You can help make a change in your community by participating in their campaign.

Additionally, they offer a fundraiser program which any individual my proposed a fundraising campaign.

For bloggers and NGOs, they can also get resources like banners and FB covers to promote their advocacy on FREE WATER.

Visit and start changing the world now.

Research resources for community development

Before we proceed to the following research resources, since we are talking about sustainable living, I purposely include here the Goals (SDGs).

United Nations Millennium Development Goals was already terminated last 2015.

Practitioners in sustainable development now follows the 17 SDGs.

International Institute for Sustainable Development

This is an organization committed to goals for sustainable development. They focus also on the aspects of human rights which includes environment, the economy, and social and cultural aspects for sustainable development.

Philippine Council for Sustainable Development

It has a tutorial on how to have a sustainable development program.

Community Development Approaches

My Top 10 recommended community development approach. If you are really interested in community building, then learn the basic community organizing in this page.

Community Tool Box

It has 46 chapters containing all of the resources that you need to be a successful community organizer. I used it for my class in Community Development.

Its a goldmine.

Worth the resources.

Check it out yourself.

You can download a power-point ready to share with your students or stakeholders.

Resources for Health Advocates

Sunrise House

Nowadays, many teenagers and even adults are suffering from alcohol addiction and harmful drugs.

If you are looking for some treatment facility that would help your advocacy on health against harmful drugs, visit Sunrise House.

It is a facility catered to help people that are suffering from harmful drug abuses not just for adults but also for high school students.

It uses 12-Step recovery principles and traditions as a major component throughout our treatment program.

They provide customized treatment plans as a key feature of our program by examining each client’s strengths, treatment needs, coping abilities, and preferences.

It has also lots of resources and guides which could help any person to treat addiction.

Visit Sunrise House AAC Facility now for more details.

Health Ambition

Want to be more healthy? Check out this site for your health information needs. It provides relevant and up to date information without hype. All health info you need.

Research resources writing tools

Become familiar with research process and tools to help make you good research proposals here.

Project  Management

Learn the essential format here.


Sustainable living blogs

My favorite sustainable living blogs are

Sustainable Living with Solar

Living on a budget?

Check this informative post on how you can cut off your budget with sustainable living using solar energy.

And Simple Dollar will show you the cost and benefits of switching to solar. Read their article here.

You can also choose among the top 25 sustainable living blogs here.

Don’t forget this blog on your list, too.


Help make your community sustainable.

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