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Do more with less. Discover this productivity tools for teachers and for busy people. They say millennials are multi-tasking people. What if you don’t have all the time in the world to do all the things designated to you?

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Want to be do more with less?

Here’s my productivity tools for teachers. Some are free and paid. But it will not cost you thousands of dollars.

Everyday I have hundreds of emails coming in in my email account. Most of it are from my subscriptions which I don’t actually read. So, I delete them everyday when I check my email. The good news is that you can delete and unsubscribe to all of them in one click.

Thanks to

No need to check all unread messages and delete in your email account. Just go to your and click all your subscriptions if you want to unsubscribe or delete it.

That’s it!

Cleaning your inbox has never been easier with

Get your free account now.


Do you love clipping notes and using it later? Do you often forget things important to you?  Evernote is there to help you. It comes with paid and free version, but the latter is already useful.

Clip webpages, html pages and save it for reference. Useful for a researcher like me.




I just include this one here because it can help you to become more productive especially if you are a writer,  teacher researcher or a student but have no spare time to do all the referencing. I have a post here which you can read how to use Mendeley in your research writing.

It can save you time, seriously.

No need to add references one by one and go to page to page to edit. Everything is sync. If you change your in-text citation, automatically, the reference section will also change. It works like magic.

Plus, if you don’t know all the citation format, Mendeley does the dirty work for you. Just choose the prescribe format of your publication and click OK and you are done, no sweat.

If you are busy with other things, use this productivity tools for teachers and researchers.

I have written a short tutorial on Mendeley here on how to use it in research writing.

Go get it! Its FREE!!!


Instant Article Wizard

This one is also a time saver.  If you are a marketer, blogger, or a researcher, you can use this one to search for relevant articles. Unlike in google search engine which only comes out in limited 10 results per page, this one pulls more than that.

Just type in your keyword and select the source. It will give you results in less than 3 minutes. Of course, this depends on your internet connection.

What’s next?

You can refer to the results of your research and make an article from that.

Just a word of caution.

If you want to take shortcut, you can use the built-in article auto-content BUT the downside of it is that its not reader friendly as you are just copying.

It will give you a plagiarism article. What you can do is to rephrase everything and site the links or download the pdf’s.

With it you are safe.

Give it a try here.


Diff Checker

Okay, this productivity tools for teachers saves my time in checking papers especially student research proposals. And not just proposal but also assignment. Read on.

I used this one to check if my editor did some actual editing of my book. And guess what?

It shows the correct results.

In here, you can copy and paste your original text and at the other side the new text, now click the FIND THE DIFFERENCE.

You will get results if your advisee did the changes you suggested. Alternatively, you can use it to find out if the assignments of your students are just copied from other students. If you go this way, the results will tell you that the text is similar. It simply means that your students have submitted the same assignment.

diff checker


Paper Rater

Not just another plagiarism checker. There are many software out there that does this. But I like this one because it gives also the percentage of article uniqueness and a rating. It will pull the links where the articles are coming from. So, as a teacher, I used to checked my students assignment if they just copy and paste it from the web.productivity tools for teachers




Worried about checking your student’s exams? Now, you can leave your work at the office. Checking exams has never been easier with ZipGrade. This app is compatible with IOS and Android. You can create you answer sheet or use their template. Set your answer inside the app, scan the paper and get results. Its that easy!!!

Zipgrade has free 100 scans per month. If you want unlimited scan you can upgrade for measly $6.99.

What is $6.99 compared to the hours and weeks of checking exam papers.

Try it and have a vacation.



If you have no time to management all your social media account. Why not use this social media management cloud app Hootsuite. It has free and paid features. You can schedule all your post and tweets any time of the day without logging in in your individual social media account.

hootsuite productivity tools


Similar to Hootsuite, I like buffer. Its cheaper compared to Hootsuite. Features are similar but to me it a more user friendly.

If you are a busy person like me, I am sure you would want to manage your social media account in one place. Its doing more with less. It is basically an 80/20 principle or Pareto principle.

Using this productivity tools for teachers, you will become more productive and effective person in the work place.

Do you have additional information about these productivity tools?

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