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Are you looking for lifestyle apps?

There are many apps for healthy lifestyle apps that you can download today in Google Appstore, some of it are free with upgrades however.


What to look for in a lifestyle apps?

In looking for lifestyle apps, you want to know what are the benefits that it could do to you.

Most apps are build for a purpose. If you are looking for a lifestyle apps make sure you have a purpose of using such app.

In my opinion, I would use apps that can help me organize my job and facilitate my to-do list.

I also want to monitor my health often times, so I like apps that can compute for a Body Mass Index.

In addition, I like apps that can inspire me too. I definitely love reading. So, one of my criteria in looking for an app is that it could inspire and motivate me too. Not just physically but spiritually.

You can look for this type of app in Google Appstore or in Amazon and IOS Appstore.

Wait, not just that.

Nowadays, people are engrossed with social media and chat. Its one reason why Facebook is very popular. For a lifestyle app, it should be able to connect with friends and can send them message via the app.

These are just simple features that I look for in a lifestyle app.

Again, lifestyle app has so many sub-categories.

There are apps for


Chat/Messaging Apps

Health Tips Apps

Body Mass Index Calculator Apps

Inspirational Apps

Sustainable Lifestyle Apps

You can get this apps and download it individually.

But, what if I could give you a lifestyle app that has

all the features I have mentioned above?


Seriously, I will give you an app that will help you:

  • Monitor your BMI

  • Read inspirational books

  • Create a sustainable lifestyle

  • Chat with friends and many more


Introducing our Sustainable Lifestyle Apps

yheha icon

I personally made this one to help others monitor their health and happiness.

Share and Inspire others.

Download the app now.

What you can do with this?

If you want some free app to compute for body mass index (BMI), calorie and liquid calorie index.

This app is for you.

It also features free chat, ebooks and many more.


Why wait?your health and happiness

Download our free app today.


To download Yheha, visit the Amazon appstore now.

It’s free!

It won’t cost you a dime.

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