Social Enterprise with A Twist!

Looking for ideas to boost your social enterprise?

Before we go down to the nitty-gritty of this article, I would like you to know that this post is based on my travel to Bangkok, Thailand.

While networking with other researchers, I was also interested in knowing the people and customs in Thailand.

Fortunately, I had this experience in an expo.

social enterprise
Craft for Change: A social enterprise expo in Bangkok. Thailand

As a social scientist and environmental planner, I am interested in discovering social innovations.

It is inspiring to see people making a change in the community.

When I was in Thailand, I was able to witness an exhibit about a social enterprise making a social impact.

Watch this video to learn what is social enterprise.

The social enterprise creates an impact on the beneficiaries and also to the environment.

This is nice to know because many of the things today are harmful to our environment.

What I learned from the exhibit is that they feature original handmade products.

When I say handmade, its means handmade!

They do not use any machines in making the products. Notice the photo below.

social enterprise handmade product


Yes, it can be tedious but this is social entrepreneurship with a twist.

Unlike with many social enterprises, they utilize people to craft their products with the use of just hands.

These products used materials which are environment-friendly.

Not only that they have a purpose of creating it. The proceeds help community organization to raise funds and help their members.

This is the essence of the social enterprise.

Below is a sample product I bought to support the cause of social entrepreneurs.

social enterprise for cause
With the seller of handmade products dedicated for the oldies.


The beneficiaries of the organization are the old people.

While helping people, they also help the environment.

Such an inspiring move.

If all only many organization are like this, then we would have to live a sustainable life.

What do you think about this social enterprise?

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