How to live a sustainable lifestyle without being materialistic

Can you live a sustainable lifestyle without being materialistic?

The truth is

“Materialism breeds Unhappiness!”

There are studies conducted about happiness in the US and it turned that money and other material things don’t really add up to a person’s happiness.

The more money a person has, the greedier he/she becomes.

According to Celestine Chua in her email to me,

A materialistic person is vested in owning material possessions and equates them to happiness. This is especially so if the ownership of possessions is motivated by emotional reasons (such as to look better, to feel better, to convey a status symbol) rather than functional reasons (to improve productivity, to communicate with others).

I understand that many people are really fixated on making money, of course, who would not want it anyway.

It’s not about the money!

Materialism is not just about money, but anything that can hinder not just personal growth but spiritual growth can be considered as materialism.

However, the theory also suggests by Karl Marx that human need first to satisfy the basic needs such as water, food, clothing, shelter before they can deal with the religious aspect of their life.

But to me, its actually seeking God first in everything that we do. This means relying on everything unto him.

We do not need to worry about our needs, its already being taken care of. All we have to do is to “Cast all your worries unto him because He cares.”1 Peter 5:7.

When we talk about sustainable lifestyle, its all about being resilient and prepared for the life to come.

In other words, we have to be able to provide our own foods through country living.

We need a balance in our life.

Not just to enjoy what the world has to offer us in terms of fancy and luxury material things, but also the surroundings that we live in.

My answer to the question,

Is it possible to live a sustainable lifestyle without being materialistic?


Here are my top three tips on how to avoid being too materialistic.

Our mother earth has lots to offer.

Nature is a gift from God.

Be a volunteer.


Hand of an elderly holding hand of younger

Participate in a core group advocating environmental protection and community development.  You can check your community and become a volunteer. There is no cost to it.





Do it yourself gardening.

DIY gardening

Let us not pollute our world.

Without it, we die.

It’s better to live in a rustic place waking up with the tweets of the birds than living in the noise of the city.

Let your happiness be found in every air that you breathe and in every star that you can see in the sky.

Life is short.

Enjoy it.

Not about having all the things that you want, but the things that you really need.


Prioritize. Prioritize. Prioritize.

As the Bible puts it, “We cannot serve two masters at the same time. Matt. 6:24”

Its either we chose worldly pleasures or heavenly kingdom. We can live sustainably by being a good steward of the things that our Creator has given us.

Our life is not made of the things that consume us, but by the things, we used for His purpose.

Learn how to choose between two great things in life.

Read this book review here.

Thank and hope you enjoy it.

Media Validation: Politicizing the Philippine Politics

Who is politicizing the Philippine Politics?

I mean it, I could not keep myself silent at these times.

As a social scientist, it is my duty to inform the people with social facts to help make sense of our everyday reality.

Anyway, this article is written to inform you with what is really happening today as inspired by cyber bullying, opinions, and sentiments of people about their favorite candidates as we have observed since the beginning of the campaign period.

We cannot deny that some wanted real change while others prefer status quo of the outgoing administration.

This is normal. We are in a divided world.

Well, I am not a die hard fan of any candidate, but I am against unfair and biased journalism.

Of course, everything in life has its bias.

For example, an economist would always says things backed up with numbers, while social scientist says things based on reality. A priest or pastor says things in relation to faith and relationship with God.

You see, every one of us have biases.

Yes, of course this article is bias.

But before I proceed, I asked for apology if I happen to hurt someone in this article. I don’t mean to undermine your credibility, but I used this to give you an objective example of my analysis.

If someone is offended here, again I apologize, there is nothing personal.

As per observation in social media, people knew already that media (alluding to TV and Newspapers) has its biases in journalism. I am personally aware of it while watching the news in TV.

Yes, admit it or not, media plays role in the lives of many people. The messages presented in these media sinks in immediately to the people.

We cannot blame people for this, but really the popular media(TV and newspapers, now Web 2.0) has a strong effect in the minds of people.

And to me, this affects our politics here in Philippines.

Can you just imagine if there is only one channel of information (such as TV)?

If this happens, whatever the TV network promotes and feeds to the peoples mind whether true or not will be accepted.

It’s because they have no other point of reference in cross checking what the real truth is. And people seemed to believe easily what they saw in television.

In the past years, there has been a number of individuals who have used media directly or indirectly in politics.


It leaves a very strong message in the minds of the people.

Now, as you continue reading this one, let me tell you this.

Let us be careful in selecting our candidates because every now and then we are being inculcated with messages (good or bad) through our media. This media validates any person’s capability though he/she is not fitted to such position or designation.

This is what we call in sociology as “media validation.”

A social theory I have read from the book “Reflections of Sociology” by Randy David, a notorious sociologist who cited the author of the term (media validation) – which is I forgot to recall.

In the past and until today, there are media validation happening here and there.

Consider these illustrations:

There are many personalities today that are popular because they are exposed in prime time TV show, although their background doesn’t qualify them for such. On the one hand, there are some also who are really expert in their show like the host of Born to be Wild is really a doctor in veterinary medicine and my favorite chef cook Boy Logro- he deserves the real honor of his show.

However, it appears that people put more trust on a celebrity host than an expert host.

Another example is; though a person may not be a law-maker, an attorney particularly, but because of his commentaries in TV show about politics and public issues, people are forced to believe on what they have seen with this person.

Again, this is not personal but I would like to give you an example.

There are many famous newscasters in the Philippines, that after being popular, they run as a politician, others are being used also by the politicians. It is because, their works are popularized and validated by media.

In the field of media, (referring to TV show and even internet), any person can become an expert without going through formal education.

Well, it’s just a matter of TV hosting and anyone can do hosting. You see, media promotes a person who even without formal education of the topic and becomes popular and validated by media.

The popularity driven by media whether or not a person has its formal knowledge of it.

Mind you, my co Filipinos, lets open our minds today.

I know many of us are also enlightened by the way how media influences ordinary people.

Do you know that many of government officials also are using media validation, directly or indirectly?

Often, you’ve heard them in the radio being interviewed, or seen them in television commenting and and interviewed. Later these people run as a senator or a president for example.

Media validated their lives already.

What we saw in them in TV affects our decisions too.

Try to list down you this people who after being exposed always in TV and printed pages decided to run in politics.

I know you know these people so I will not name them here.

They are already known by the people.

Again, they entered politics without political background.

I don’t mean that they are not capable but media has given them such opportunity for exposure. They have already been validated because of their noteworthy news casting.

Let’s accept it, some of us voted for them too during election.

In the future, there are many people who will also fall into this category.

Today, it’s not just media validation, but Web 2.0 validation.

Thanks to Facebook, the true information that belongs to the ordinary people is not just confined in these big tv networks but to common ordinary working people (the middle class).

These networks cannot hide the truth now because netizens are here already.

However, I also warned people in over reacting to these post and comments.

Yes, there are lots of comments, likes, post, repost and shares.

These are validating the personality of the candidates in the internet whatever and whoever they may be.

In addition, in printed pages like newspapers, this may also validate the personalities of such political candidates. Again, let me warn you. Not all written in the papers and in the internet are true.

You have to use your own judgement in everything that you heard, listen and read.

We cannot say that a person is good if he/she has lots of followers, supporters and likes in the internet.

We cannot also say that a person is corrupt, murderer if he has lots of allegations raised by other candidates to the extent that they used children in their ads.

We cannot also say that a candidate is upright, clean, and without blemish, if he exposes every little details and propaganda of other candidates.

We cannot also say that a person cannot be trusted anymore and does not deserve any vote because he fails to give his life during Typhoon Yolanda (which is contradicting his statement during the third debate).

We cannot also say that he had done nothing in the Philippines despite his failures in Mamasapano, Kidapawan incident, impeachment of Corona, to name a few failures.

And we cannot also say, that a person hiding in the shadows of his parent politician is already  a man of honor.

Remember, personal is political.

And with the social media, everything is possible.

You can buy more likes, shares, and post if you want.

You can pay reporters to give a bloated and twisted report. Anything is possible with money too.

So, nowadays, use your own judgement.

Do not just believe everything you see because it is viral. Do not just repost anything because it’s cool.

As the netizens would always say, “think first before you click.”

Research, consider a thousands thoughts before deciding and casting your votes to your best candidate.

Do not be misled by Web 2.0 validation.

We, common people are the truth itself.

We hold the information.

It’s not the media.

They are just channels of communication and information.

It is our sentiments, our lives, and our choice that matters most.

Forget about nonsense report you heard everyday, like entertainment. Its nonsense!

Do you know why entertainment news are always

at the last part of the news?

The reason is simple.

They wanted us to forget the real issue.

Thanks to one of my colleague who shared this theory of escapism in a public assembly.

And do note, “bad news sells a lot.”

Well, if you notice, at least 80 percent of news daily are bad news while 20 percent are good news.

Accept it.

Media are shaping the minds our the people that we are living in a society of crime, murders, corruption, etc.

But if you look at it, there are a lot of good news, but Good news doesn’t sell that much.

It’s also true for Bible.

Many reject it.

Often times, bad news are presented as good ones, while the good ones are presented in a negative way. Even if a person is innocent, media validates it that it’s not and vice versa.

Be careful!

In closing, don’t get too overly sentimental about the comments, bashing and cyber bullying.

Everything is political.

Use your own judgement.

Use the rule of Netizens!

“Think first before you act.”

Or let me put it this way,

“Be informed first before you react”

P.S. I know that there are grammar errors here, its not been edited because I have no time.

P.S.S. I know there will be bashers or trolls that will follow this. Thanks anyway. Haha

P.S.S.S. Its is purely theoretical, nothing personal.

P.S.S.S.S I also accept corrections in the theoretical explanations if need so.


The end of traffic: What our Vice Presidential Candidates says about it.

Are you sick and tired of all the traffic in Manila?

Here’s how to solve the traffic in Manila according to our vice presidentiables.


As we all know, people look for greener pastures in big cities, and these situations aggravates due to the high unemployment in the rural areas. This is inevitable and eventually every place in the city will be over crowded which is happening now in Manila.

This is what we call urbanization.

As sociologist may refer to it as

the concentration of people into the cities and transforms many patterns of social life. (Macionis, 2014).

One of the major problem of urbanization in the Philippines is the traffic.

Admit it or not, its one of the worlds worst traffic situation.

I was inspired to write this article while watching the vice presidential debate on April 12, 2016 and really admired their answers regarding the Philippine economy particularly in urban development. Now, when these candidates were asked how to solve this problem, most of them reiterates same answers.

Its rural development.

According to them, companies and job opportunities should be also widely available in rural areas not just in major cities.

Yes, its ideal.

But, is rural development the answer to traffic congestion and overpopulation in urban areas ?

What can be done to improve provincial transportation? A foreign business man asked.

Let us try to see what they have in mind.

[sociallocker id=”752″] Well, the following words are excerpts from the debate and if I happen to miss any important points here, feel free to add your comments too.

For me, these six vice presidentiables are top notch.

I mean, they are all full qualified to be our future leaders. As I listen to their answers, they have all the credit to it.

All of the six vice presidentiables admits that the current administration were not really implementing the programs and projects that was already in placed.

The current administration has many alibis not to push through with the implementation as what Sen. Cayetano said.

It serves only a plan itself and no implementation.

Sen. Cayetano vehemently said that iron will is needed in the politics, while Sen. Honasan said; “we should stop politicizing” programs and projects.

On the one hand, Sen. Escudero said to fire out Sec. Abaya in DOTC and utilized properly the pedestrian lanes. Many of the pedestrian lanes and vehicle lanes are already occupied by vendors nowadays.

Moreover, Sen. Marcos said, rural development should be pushed so that the urban areas will be decongested. There will be lesser migrants in the cities if rural areas will be developed. In addition, the number of vehicles should be reduced.

But, the administration candidate Cong. Robredo argued that reducing the number of vehicles is impossible because there are many private vehicles. Many individuals are encouraged to buy a car because they want comfort unlike when riding in public transportation which is very onerous.

Her solution is to improve public transportation.

However, Sen. Cayetano said, there were really plans to decongest the urban areas but its the administration that hampers its implementation. There were plans that subic area will be used as a twin airport to reduce traffic in manila, but were not implemented and so many reasons why it is not so.

Likewise,the north rail transit system should be finished and implemented because this can help minimize traffic in Manila.


Whatever it is: they are all correct.

But seems that the Filipinos are fraught the predicament: a hopeless of the situation.

Every election period there seems to be a bloated promises by these candidates. There are a hundreds of plans and programs that are not implemented.

Why is this so?

As what Sen. Cayetano said, leadership and iron will is important as a leader.

Sociologically, urbanization is inevitable, there will be always people migrating into cities to look for jobs. As rural areas becomes developed- a rural area will in time turned urban area.

And so, the same problem will occur later on- traffic, informal settlers, poverty etc.

At first, I was incredulous but Sen. Honassan was exactly correct;

if there is enough food and decent jobs, there will be less traffic and less migration in urban areas.

Well, for me, its not just rural development – as this leads to urbanization.

Rather, resiliency program through human development. As the old adage says: Teach a man a fish and you will feed him a lifetime.

Give him the opportunity and yet he lacks the skills is useless.

In urban areas, there are lots of opportunities; that is true, however, when people from rural areas migrate to these places; they end up in drudgery- working not as they like to work but being force just to survive.


We have lots of it in Philippines.

Skills is what our fellow Filipinos do not have.

The real essence of development is not the rural or urban development but of human development.

What’s the use of farm to market road if the people have nothing to sell?

What’s the use of malls if the people are hungry and nothing to buy?

What’s the use of these companies if the people are not equipped to do the work?


Its not yet too late my kababayan.

Educate and learn.

Be vigilant.

Don’t let these promises ruin our hopes.

We make our future here, not them.

Redefining Life: Three categories of people based on circumstances

This article is written based on a student’s idea about life on land.

We can’t fully define life exactly, right?

We can say life is a cycle, yes, true.

We can speak life is full of surprises and challenges. Others will tell life is all about love. But, life is not referring to a particular thing or situation only. It is everywhere and it is in every soul of a being.

On land, we all observed and knew that people are the ones dominating the land compared to other beings. People are the ones who consumes, preserves and maintains what the Lord Almighty put into this world. But that doesn’t mean that people are always in a good state because of that domination.

For in fact, based on my observation, life on land, particularly of the people is divided into three situations:

1. People who are in great need.

beggarThe man in the picture is really touching. Well, I don’t care if they are just doing it in order to gather some money easily, and I don’t say that I tolerate it.

It happens because if you are really in need and want to survive and live, you will do everything just to achieve it, right?

You will sacrifice even the only things that are left in you, even your pride and reputation. You want to live longer even though life is making you see that you should be hopeless.

But if you are really determined to achieve your goal, you will achieve it, no matter how hard you will go through just to be in there.

Like the man in the picture waiting for some money or goods to be given to him, because he has to gather some help from other people.

Some people are doing these because they have no family and there’s nobody to support them, so they need to make a way for themselves.

2. People who are working in order to maintain what they have.

informal settlersSecondly, there are indeed people who are stable in life. But with this situation, they are still not confident enough to let that thing unattended. So in order to support their daily needs, they have to work every day for their family and for themselves.

The photo (right) shows people in a mini-market, actually it’s a temporary market which is nearby a construction site and will be eradicated when time comes.

Although it’s not proper, they still choose to stay because they need to survive despite of the unpleasant smell of the place, the polluted air due to vehicles passing by and dust coming from the construction site, they still have to continue working because based on the conflict theory; if they let that opportunity flew, others will take their place and livelihood.

3. People who have overcome the two previous situations, and now achieved what he/she wants in life.

students successLastly, after all the hard works in life, people can achieve what he/she desires.

After suffering from great pain, disappointments, challenges and ups and downs, people can now savor victory.

Life is not only about suffering.

Everything has an end.

If you think by now, how cruel life to you is, don’t worry and have faith, as long as you are doing the right things in the right time with the right person; believe that in the end, you will not be left alone.

It’s like you taste the fruits of your labour; you can now do whatever you want, help who are in need, give as long as you can, be happy until the rest of your life, but don’t ever forget, to look back from where you came from.

Now, I hope that you have grasps some of the ideas about life.

If you have ideas what life is for you, feel free to add comments and share this too.