How to live a sustainable lifestyle without being materialistic

Can you live a sustainable lifestyle without being materialistic?

The truth is

“Materialism breeds Unhappiness!”

There are studies conducted about happiness in the US and it turned that money and other material things don’t really add up to a person’s happiness.

The more money a person has, the greedier he/she becomes.

According to Celestine Chua in her email to me,

A materialistic person is vested in owning material possessions and equates them to happiness. This is especially so if the ownership of possessions is motivated by emotional reasons (such as to look better, to feel better, to convey a status symbol) rather than functional reasons (to improve productivity, to communicate with others).

I understand that many people are really fixated on making money, of course, who would not want it anyway.

It’s not about the money!

Materialism is not just about money, but anything that can hinder not just personal growth but spiritual growth can be considered as materialism.

However, the theory also suggests by Karl Marx that human need first to satisfy the basic needs such as water, food, clothing, shelter before they can deal with the religious aspect of their life.

But to me, its actually seeking God first in everything that we do. This means relying on everything unto him.

We do not need to worry about our needs, its already being taken care of. All we have to do is to “Cast all your worries unto him because He cares.”1 Peter 5:7.

When we talk about sustainable lifestyle, its all about being resilient and prepared for the life to come.

In other words, we have to be able to provide our own foods through country living.

We need a balance in our life.

Not just to enjoy what the world has to offer us in terms of fancy and luxury material things, but also the surroundings that we live in.

My answer to the question,

Is it possible to live a sustainable lifestyle without being materialistic?


Here are my top three tips on how to avoid being too materialistic.

Our mother earth has lots to offer.

Nature is a gift from God.

Be a volunteer.


Hand of an elderly holding hand of younger

Participate in a core group advocating environmental protection and community development.  You can check your community and become a volunteer. There is no cost to it.





Do it yourself gardening.

DIY gardening

Let us not pollute our world.

Without it, we die.

It’s better to live in a rustic place waking up with the tweets of the birds than living in the noise of the city.

Let your happiness be found in every air that you breathe and in every star that you can see in the sky.

Life is short.

Enjoy it.

Not about having all the things that you want, but the things that you really need.


Prioritize. Prioritize. Prioritize.

As the Bible puts it, “We cannot serve two masters at the same time. Matt. 6:24”

Its either we chose worldly pleasures or heavenly kingdom. We can live sustainably by being a good steward of the things that our Creator has given us.

Our life is not made of the things that consume us, but by the things, we used for His purpose.

Learn how to choose between two great things in life.

Read this book review here.

Thank and hope you enjoy it.

Choose between two great things in life

Confused on how to choose between two great things?

In this article you will learn what you should do if you are confused between two equal opportunities, and  to choose between two great things, but you can’t have them both at the same time?

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Choose Between Two Great Things

In my experience, I often encounter some confusing situations in which I am force to decide or choose a given situation over the other.

For example, I really want to pursue my passion in making online ministry, but I cannot do this because I have 8-5 office work. However, if I quit my job, I will have no money to support my ministry. Literally, I have no money to support it. So how can I be successful in pursuing my passion without relying with my work?

Should I quit my job and pursue my passion?

These are scenarios, which you can use to test how firm your decision would be.

In the following sections of this class, I will share with you how did I chose my passion (e.g. online ministry) over my career and in the end I was still able to pursue my passion while working 8-5.

You know, success is all about good decision-making!

Here are my four tips to choose between two great things.


Learn to avoid the most expensive mistake in life

cure headache

Are you thinking of joining an online program to improve your business?

As a customer, you have these questions in your mind and so you ask your friends opinions about it, and you read some reviews in the internet. You want to know if it is a fraud or not.

Finding the advantages and disadvantages, you now have to make your decision based on what you learned from their opinions and reviews.

When making a decision, think about this:

If things do not work for others, then do not bother doing it.

The reason why we have history books is to learn from the past. The most common example is the Bible. It is written to inspire and correct the people and to learn from the experiences. With this, I encourage you to read books and listen to other people’s experiences.

As the wise man said in the old testament, “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” By this, you will know how they go about their daily struggles in life especially in decision-making.

If you follow other people’s decision in life, you are at peril in committing the same mistake. This is the most expensive mistake that will happen to you. So learn from them and avoid it.

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Clarify your thoughts

Are you confused whether to stay in your current job or change a career or pursue your passion?

Don’t jumped immediately on making hard decisions.

clarify your thoughts

Success depends upon the decisions we make daily. If you have a plan, make up your mind and clarify your thoughts.

Assess each option by looking at the advantages and disadvantages it offers you. In this way, you will receive more insights into the pros as well as the consequences of such a decision. Remember that there are no guarantees, and wrong decisions are always made at hindsight.

So choose…decide…and believe, knowing that you are choosing the best option for yourself now.

Also, envision the kind of life you would like for yourself. You need to write down all the details that you would like to see and experience in your life. Remember that what you choose today will be who you are in the future. So, choose carefully.

Simply choose what really makes you happy. If you are not happy anymore with your work then make a change. Find another one. Success means to be happy with everything you do. If you are not happy then you are not successful.

So, choose what makes you tick.

In short, choose what you really want to become. In the end, it is your decision that matters, not from other people.

Most importantly, “Commit your actions to the LORD, and your plans will succeed.”

Listen to your inner voice.

How can you listen to your inner voice?

Let me tell you my story.

In one occasion, I had the dilemma whether to quit my job or pursue my passion. I really like to quit my job because I want to pursue my online ministry. I love to collect stories from the community and post in online. However, there is no internet connection in our work place. Therefore, I am force to choose which of the two options: online ministry (my passion) or career.

To pursue my dreams means to quit my job. I cannot have them both. No work means no money. So how can I support my ministry online?

In addition, my family also had a loan that amounted to almost $3500 dollars approximately and unfortunately, if we cannot pay this loan our house will be taken over by the bank.

What now?

One day our manager asked me if I am still interested to extend my contract. Of course, I like the work but I like to pursue my dreams and passion. Now my work seems to be a hindrance in pursuing my dreams. Even if I will continue with my work, still it will not be enough to pay the bank loan.

What will you do if you were in my shoes?

Let us continue, on June 28, 2013, I prayed and read the Bible hoping that I would receive some answers to my prayers. This is what I do in making a decision. This time, I prayed that God would guide me and help me know how to answer the request of my boss to stay in my job. In that same morning, I found inspiration to make my decision final.

The Lord says in Isaiah 55:3, NIV: “Give ear and come to me; hear me that your soul may live. I will make an everlasting covenant with you; my faithful love promised to David.”

I will quit my job and pursue my passion no matter what.

In that moment, I felt that God was calling me to leave my current work position and pursue my plan. God does not want me to waver from one decision to another. He told me that I needed to continue in His plans and follow the ways of my heart.

Again he said: “Give ear and come to me.”

In an instant, I was relieved. My confusion had disappeared.

If you have a goal in mind, and something exists that is hindering you from achieving that goal, get rid of it! I mean, make a firm decision. Go for it. Life is not a matter of flipping coins in choosing between two great things. You have to listen to your inner voice.

How can we know that our inner voice speaks to us? Listen closely. Read God’s word and meditate. By this, you know that you are on the right track.


Join the 5 % successful people.


choose between two great things

Do you want to achieve even an inch of your goal in life? Take risk.

If you want to change your career, what is stopping you?

Your family?

Your boss?

Are you confused which to choose between these two great things?

Take this quiz now.


Take the risk for yourself. Decide what you want. You cannot make any good decision without going through experimentation or trial and error. This is because no one knows the future. Again, to arrive at a sound decision one must take risk despite the odds.

Since life offers no guarantees and you will never know what the results of making a decision will be until you have made it, then you might as well take the risk and decide.

Although it is true that one wrong turn could get you lost, it could also be a turn that could be an opportunity for an adventure. It could be your chance to embark on a new road that will open up exciting possibilities for you.

Ultimately, you have the choice between being a lost traveler or an adventurous pilgrim of life.

You can read my full story here in making wise decisions.

Whether it is the right decision or not, only time will tell. Whatever may be the case, do not regret your decision, no matter what will be the outcome. Instead, decide to learn from it and remember that you always have the choice to make better decisions in the future.

What is stopping you?

Take risks. Robert Kiyosaki said, “Only people who take risks change the world.” People who do not take the risk of changing the status quo remain in the same position and the people who go against the flow succeed.

Taking risk is stepping out of faith and trusting in God. If you do not take risk, you will never see how God will manifest blessings into your life.

Sadly, according to Michael Gerber in his book E-myth, only 5% of people have the ability to take such risks.

If you like to be successful, join the five percent risk takers.

Blessings are always there. Success is always there. We just need to take the risk.

With all these life lessons: Learning from other peoples mistakes, clarifying my thoughts by choosing what I really want, listening to my inner voice and taking the risk. 

I made a decision to choose my passion over career. Although, I  choose my passion but in the end, I have them both. I am now a blogger but full time college professor.

Want to know what happened in the story?

I want you to read the book Wise Decisions here. It has four stars review in Readers Favorite.

I hope that with this article how to choose between two great things. It is time now to fulfill what you really want in life. Remember life is full of choices.

It always involves choices. The only thing is that we have to make the right one. Chances are sometimes we do not. So make no regrets, learn from it.

Looking towards hearing from your successful journey.

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Sustainable Lifestyle Tips according to a Scientist

I was inspired to write this article when I heard these three things to live in a sustainable lifestyle from a scientist. This happened when I attended the international workshop on the Role of Academy Science in Climate Change and Sustainable Development sponsored  by National Academy of Sciences and Technology, Philippines.

The workshop was attended by international scientist on various fields and expertise on climate change, sustainable development, economics and urban development to name a few.

I was also honored and proud to met the National Scientist Gelia Castillo – a social scientist. I just knew her in books and then finally in that conference, I accidentally had a chance to take a photo with her.

Photo: With National Scientist Gelia Castillo
Photo: With National Scientist Gelia Castillo

Now, lets go back to my main idea in this post.

I do agree to the idea of the plenary speaker in that conference.

Sustainable development should not be a slogan per se. Many organizations both public and private are using the term sustainable development.

You can read all definitions of sustainable development in the Internet, but the point is it seems that the term sustainable development is just merely a slogan.

Maybe because this sounds appealing to the funding donors to support for programs and projects in sustainable development.

No wonder why the trend today is on sustainability – sustainable water resource management, sustainable living strategies. Every now and then we heard the word sustainable and its becoming a mundane.

To this, I agree that sustainable development should not be a slogan itself but a lifestyle.

Sustainable lifestyle is what we are aiming today. Advances in science and technology have given mankind a leap towards the future, but sometimes there are loopholes that needs to be taken care of.

Everything is invented for the good of mankind, but its latent function are more detrimental to mankind. For example, on the consumption of foods.

A lot of foods nowadays are processed by big industries for the convenience of customers. This convenience has put humans in the path to perdition because not all foods are healthy. For this reason, many people prefer organic foods. However, there are still debates on this in the agriculture science as to whether the food can be considered as organic or not.

And there is also the issue of GMO’s.

It doesn’t mean that a farmer is growing organic crops, the product is already organic. How about the inputs that were used in growing and producing the crops, is it organic?

In this sense, the more advanced our society, the more risk we have.

But this doesn’t mean that we will not eat at all. That is why our goal is to have a sustainable lifestyle.

Its utilizing our resources today for the benefit of all without putting our society or lives in peril in the near future.

So, the question is how to live a sustainable lifestyle?

According to Prof. Shamsher Ali, AASSA Vice President you have to answer yourself this three questions when making decisions on buying goods.

Photo: Prof. Shamsher Ali. This photo is taken from website.
Prof. Shamsher Ali. This photo is taken from website.

It doesn’t mean that when given the access to all resources you should use everything all at once.

Imagine if you are in a mall and surrounded by many clothes and shoes that you would love to buy. Granting that you have money to buy those goods, would you buy as many as you can?

Or if you are having a hard time to decide whether to buy new pants or not?

What would you do?

According to him, ask yourself these three simple questions to have a sustainable lifestyle.

Remember sustainable lifestyle is all about changing our behaviors and attitude.

So, when buying something ask yourself:

1. Do I need it?

Its plain and simple, if you need it, then buy it, if you don’t, then don’t make it hard for yourself to worry about it. Many people are confused about needs and wants. Sometimes people used this alternatively, especially if in their life they have the abundance of resources.

I remember an author once wrote,

“The cup most difficult to carry is not the cup that is empty, but the cup that is full to the brim. It is this that needs to be most carefully balanced. Affliction and adversity bring disappointment and sorrow; but it is prosperity that is most dangerous to spiritual life (Ministry of Healing, 211.3).

If you have answers to the first question, ask again the second question.

2. Do I badly need it?

Do you badly need it?

Then go, buy it.

Lastly, ask again the third question.

3. Can I live without it?

I read a quote from Facebook it says,

Photo: Credit to the Owner
Photo: Credit to the Owner

You don’t need everything in life. You only need the basic things. If you can find an alternative to what you need, the better.

Its simplicity that matters if you want to be live a sustainable life.

The wise man once said;

This is all that I have learned: God made us plain and simple, but we have made ourselves very complicated. Ecclesiastes 7:29

If you have the answer to the top three questions, then you can make your own decision to practice and live a sustainable lifestyle.