SAD Free Community: A fight against smoking, alcohol and drugs

Are you a victim of smoking, alcohol, and drugs in your community?

Do you want to live a healthy lifestyle?

Do you have a family member, relative suffering from the effects of smoking, alcoholism and drug abuse?

This is your chance to be part of our advocacy in the future.

For the first time in the City of Calbayog, a group of health advocates encourages people to a SAD free community.

According to the lead campaign organizer, this is a historic event because no other group has been doing this in the city.


Its been a while since I have not participated in a cause-oriented event. This time I just joined a Walk for a Cause organized by Adventist Hospital Calbayog. The advocacy is to have a SAD free community.

Despite the bad weather, there are still people with an unwavering faith who joined the activity. It was participated by young, old and children alike who share a common goal to a SAD Free Community.

What is SAD Free Community?

S is for Smoking

We all know that smoking kills! So, smoking is one of the habits that should be eliminated in the lifestyle of a person.

There are several health effects that a person may acquire from smoking. For example, coronary heart disease by 2 to 4 times,  stroke by 2 to 4 times, of men developing lung cancer by 25 times.

Smoking Can Damage Every Part of the Body.
Learn more about smoking effects here.

A is for Alcohol

Alcohol has many effects on our body. I don’t need to name it here one by one. Just read the 23 effects of alcohol in our body here.

Or learn the various effects of alcohol to your body by looking to

an infographic from the team at Addiction Blog

Adverse effects of alcohol (INFOGRAPHIC)Adverse effects of alcohol (INFOGRAPHIC)
D is for Drugs

Dangerous drugs are a no-no. But why are still many people are addicted to it? It not just causes mental health problems but also relationship problems.

Why SAD free community?

Many are struggling to quit smoking, and others have suffered from alcohol and drug abuse. The Adventist Hospital Calbayog being a prime promoter of good health through God’s healing hands encourages people to stop these unhealthful habits.

The AHC brings good news to the people through walking 7 kilometers from the hospital and around the city to spread the deadly effects of SAD to the people and making a change. It does not matter if it rains or shines.

As long as there are people willing to accept the invitation to eliminate SAD in their life, it’s already an accomplished mission.

Information about SAD FREE community effect is given through printouts and pamphlets.

Look even at a very young age, this child participates in the walk for a cause for a SAD free community wearing a raincoat.


How to participate in the SAD free community advocacy?

  1.  Simply visit their facebook page.
  2. Promote SAD free lifestyle.
  3. Join the Walk for a Cause for SAD Free Community

It’s that simple.

Join our SAD free community outreach program.

A message from the campaign organizer.

Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well. 3 John 1:2,NIV

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Vaccination Crisis: The Truth About Vaccine and Why You Should Avoid it.

Vaccination Crisis Foretold!

vaccine vials
Image courtesy of punsayaporn at


Are we really having a vaccination crisis here?

Pardon me, and don’t get me wrong with this article.

It is my intention to write this article to share with you about an old warning.

Sorry to scare you.

By the way, this is not just about reminding you of the issues we faced today, but also a review of a book that I read.

The reason for giving this book review is to open our mind and judge by ourselves if it is really a fulfillment of prophecy or a mere conspiracy.


Because there are isolated cases in our hometown that young children and even the senior citizens died after having immunized of pneumonia. Of course, there are other reasons for their death, and not just about the vaccines.

(This information is based on word of mouth in our town which I have heard from my mother and sister).

Could this be the beginning of vaccination crisis?

Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici at

Recently, reports in TV spread the news about Dengvaxia where many children were affected and hospitalized because of the vaccine. In the news, the Garin and Sanofi representatives were sued for the damages that was caused by Dengvaxia over to the suspected death of a child.

To quote;

The Public Attorney’s Office said it sued Garin and Sanofi representatives for damages after its own forensic examination found that a 10-year-old child, who had no history of dengue, died within a week of receiving the vaccine. ABS-CBN News

There were more than 830,000 children that were immunized with Dengvaxia as part of the government’s dengue immunization program. GMA News

How sad.

I cannot keep silent about these issues now especially that I have read about “The Vaccination Crisis.

Many critics, government officials, and experts are saying not to scare people about it.

Well, I say, it’s better to know something than nothing!

In the Bible, it says,

my people are destroyed from lack of knowledge. Hosea 4:6, NIV

With this pressing issue, let me just say about a book which is very important to read.

The Vaccination Crisis

vaccination crisis ferrelVaccination Crisis was written by Vance Ferrel and published by Harvestimes Books in 2004. You can download a copy from Amazon or buy it in there publishing store.

Of course, every one has its own opinion. You can therefore read it for yourself and decide whether if it is true or not.

Well, everything is personal, but don’t take this personal. I gave a review to whatever type of book that I feel like its worth sharing.

So, here is my honest review of Vaccination Crisis.

First, the book author shares facts which I presumed is based on his own research. It is hard to cite and mention names and organization that causes this big health problems in our society.

And do you know that these multinational organizations are helping in one way or another to improve the lives of the people are the ones mainstreaming the mass vaccine immunization?

It’s ironic!

In this book, there are stunning evidences about vaccination crisis and the author manages to collate all the details from these important sources.

For me, if we try to accuse a person of doing something wrong (e.g. stealing,) we should have evidences, facts, etc. And this book has laid out all its evidences why should we avoid vaccination.

What could be the impact of vaccination crisis in our lives and to our loved ones?

boy vaccinated
Image courtesy of Sura Nualpradid at

In my opinion, vaccination can be considered to what other people may call it “depopulation theory” if there such a theory.

Well, I don’t believe it.

However, the author mentions many types of vaccines that are dangerous to humans. Chapter 1 was a good start to teach us about the danger of smallpox vaccine and why vaccination is dangerous.

To quote how dangerous smallpox vaccine is.

If you scratch where the fresh vaccine pox is and put it into your eye, you can transfer smallpox to the eye. And if some of the fluid from it touches another person, he may contract the disease. If you get “progressive vaccinia,” your immune system is compromised; the virus continues to grow, and is often the cause of death.

The good thing about this book is that it also contains information the signs and symptoms of smallpox and its possible natural remedy.

Other vaccines that are mentioned in the book includes anthrax, childhood vaccines like measles, tetanus, polio, mumps, influenza, and german measles.

Why vaccines are dangerous?

vaccinia virus
Image courtesy of interphasesolution at

The author also mentioned the origin of vaccines and what really makes it dangerous.

This makes me decide not to be vaccinated.


Here is the reason I got from the book.




According to a November 1969 National Health Federation report, a study conducted by the World Health Organization (WHO) disclosed that people who have been vaccinated for measles have a 14 times greater chance of contracting the disease than those who were not vaccinated. A 1985 study by the U.S. government noted that 80% of “non-preventable” cases of measles occurred in people who had been vaccinated (20th Immunization Conference Proceedings, May 6-9, 1985, p. 21).

Now, you decide!

A personal testimony.

My mother asked and permitted local health workers to immunized her with pneumonia. After that she already had an occurrence of pneumonia but prior vaccination she never experienced such disease.

One of our neighbor also had the same experience. Worse is that, others really died after vaccination.

This is the same story with the quote above which I will reiterate here:

The Public Attorney’s Office said it sued Garin and Sanofi representatives for damages after its own forensic examination found that a 10-year-old child, who had no history of dengue, died within a week of receiving the vaccine. ABS-CBN News

In the book, despite the claim of World Health Organization (WHO) that proper diet is the best way cure and avoid to deadly and infectious diseases, still they are intending to promote mass immunization campaigns.

What on earth did I just say?


So, please read the book Vaccination Crisis to learn more.

The author is cautious about giving his personal advice why should we avoid vaccines in these latter days. There are case studies and stories in the book that will blow your mind.

Sorry for the term, but I like to call it that way.

After reading the book, I immediately told my parents and siblings not to take part in the mass immunization campaign our local village administered by local health workers.

Now, going back.

The Philippine Vaccination Crisis

vaccination crisis syringe
Image courtesy of tiverylucky at

The Philippines had just been stirred because of Dengvaxia.

Are these things a mere coincidence of the book Vaccination Crisis?

Although, its not the same vaccines that is found in the book, but it is perfectly clear to me that if ever there is a campaign for immunization of whatsoever, I dare not to be a part of it.

For me, I would agree to the author that we need to change our lifestyle.

Its time to go back to the original diet that our Creator has given us.

Its true. We cannot avoid illnesses today, but I still believe that prevention is better than cure.

So, instead of vaccination, why not prevention?

Read and download this book Stay Green, Stay Healthy now for free!

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Climate Change Impacts on Human Health in Philippines

Climate change impacts on human health are increasing!


Before I explain to you the climate change impacts on human health, I just want to share what our family has experienced.

I really wanted to write about this topic because of the incident that happened to our family. My father got sick, and after him, my mother.

It always comes back every other day.

When I called them and ask about their health situation, they would say that it’s because of the weather condition. Its January already and in our hometown and in the province of Samar and Leyte there has been a downpour of rain every day.

According to my mother, many of our neighbors got sick because of this prolonged rainy days.

What has the PAG-ASA projected?

In my research about climate change adaptation, I found

climate change impacts scenario
Courtesy: DILG, PAG-ASA 2011 Climate Change Scenario in Philippines

these climate change scenarios in the Philippines based on their report.  The projection is for 2020-2050 and it is based relative on the years 1971-2000.

Seasonal Temperature Change – increase in temperature all throughout the country (Philippines). It is expected that all areas in the Philippines will get warmer.

Increase in Rainfall – there will be an increased rainfall in Luzon and Visayas.

Download the full report here.

Going back.

What is the effect of climate change on health?

A report was published from UN about climate change impacts human health.

According to their report, there would be a tremendous effect on certain groups of people like pregnant women, elderly and children.

Infectious disease is also sensitive to climate change especially water-borne diseases like diarrhea.

Malaria is also influenced by climate change.

There is also an increasing variable rainfall pattern which affects the water supply. If there is lack of clean water supply, this would increase the risk of diarrhoeal disease.

Based on WHO factsheets:

Between 2030 and 2050, climate change is expected to cause approximately 250 000 additional deaths per year, from malnutrition, malaria, diarrhoea and heat stress.

Climate change affects the social and environmental determinants of health – clean air, safe drinking water, sufficient food and secure shelter.

The report, A Human Health Perspective on Climate Change (Full Report) itemizes the following impacts to climate change on human health.

Accounting for climate change impacts on human health.

Climate change has been a threat in the 21st century.

In developing country like the Philippines, these things are likely to happen.

The effect of climate change such as extreme rainfall can affect the transport of disease-causing organisms into the water supply thus would lead to water and food-borne diseases. In addition, there is a correlation of dengue to rainfall in the Philippines (ADB, 2011).

climate change impacts on human health
Courtesy: ADB, Accounting for Health Impacts of Climate Change

We are on the brink of Earth’s Final Crisis.

These things happening today are just signs.

We will experience more of this in the years to come.

These are just among the many climate change impacts to human health.

I know there are other things to list.

It’s just that I don’t have the time to list everything here.

Everything is widely observed.

All we got to do is to prepare ourselves.

Do you have something to say about climate change impact on human health?

Feel free to comment down.

How to Make Thanksgiving Greener

Want to know how  to make thanksgiving greener and save money?

Read this question and learn from the tips on how to make thanksgiving greener and less wasteful. We all do want a healthy lifestyle. So I wanted to share this tip from a friend in Boston. She asked this question in our friendly ecosite Earthtalk.

Dear EarthTalk: Any tips for how to make my Thanksgiving greener and less wasteful this year?     — Melissa W., Boston, MA

Ah, Thanksgiving! For many of us, it’s the favorite holiday because it revolves around togetherness and inclusiveness and preparing and eating our favorite foods—and usually doesn’t include any overt commercialism. But just because you don’t have to buy and wrap gifts doesn’t mean Thanksgiving is necessarily green, although there are lots of little things you can do to make it more that way.

Menu planning is a good place to start. Hard core environmentalists would go meatless, of course, given the greenhouse gas and natural resource burden of raising livestock, not to mention animal cruelty. The non-profit farm animal advocacy group, Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM), suggests swapping out the turkey with something meatless like Turtle Island Foods’ Tofurky, a pre-cooked tofu-wheat protein blend, Field Roast’s vegetable-based Celebration Roast, or Gardein’s Veggie Turkey Breast.

Swapping out a traditional turkey with something like Turtle Island Foods’ Tofurky, a pre-cooked tofu-wheat protein blend made without any animal products, is one way to show your environmental commitment this Thanksgiving.
Swapping out a traditional turkey with something like Turtle Island Foods’ Tofurky, a pre-cooked tofu-wheat protein blend made without any animal products, is one way to show your environmental commitment this Thanksgiving.

For the rest of us who are still eating meat and can’t celebrate Thanksgiving without some real turkey or tenderloin, just eat less of it and fill up your plate with other healthy vegetable-based sides.

If you’re vegetarian or vegan and going to someone else’s house for Thanksgiving, FARM says to let your host know you don’t eat animal products ahead of time: “You can help by asking what you can bring and how you can help prepare the meal.” Go to FARM’s Compassionate Holidays website to download one or more of the group’s holiday-worthy recipes (old-fashioned stuffing, green bean casserole, vegan gravy, creamy mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie and cranberry sauce)—all free of animal products.

Another way to reduce the environmental impact of your Thanksgiving is to shop locally (to reduce the “food miles” and carbon footprint of your dinner) and stick to organic foods (which don’t require harmful pesticides and herbicides to grow). The Nature Conservancy suggests doing as much shopping as possible at local farmers markets and farms: “The plus for you is that local fruits and veggies usually taste better because they’ve been picked at the peak of freshness, rather than shipped from thousands of miles away” and picked before ripening. Finding foods grown sustainably and locally is as easy as steering your web browser to the website and zeroing in on your region on the searchable local foods map.

And then there’s the issue of waste. While Thanksgiving might not be as much of a retail packaging waste nightmare as Christmas, it more than makes up for that in its abundant amounts of food-related waste. Earth911 suggests buying food in bulk if you’re hosting a large crowd so as to reduce packaging waste while saving money—and to bring your own reusable shopping bags to the grocery store so you aren’t reliant on disposable paper or plastic bags. Meanwhile, Harvard University’s Office of Sustainability says that cutting disposable dinnerware, glasses and napkins will also eliminate considerable amounts of waste.

Thanksgiving is a good reminder that we all have a lot to be thankful for, and it only makes sense to show your gratitude to the environment by honoring nature as much as possible—before, during and after your Thanksgiving celebration.

CONTACTS: FARM,; Compassionate Holidays,; Earth911,; The Nature Conservancy,; Local Harvest,; Harvard Office of Sustainability,

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Alternative Treatments to Cure Headache

Looking for alternative treatments to headache?

Let’s accept it, we all do experience this pain in our heads for sometime. Some people do have migraines which is worse than simple headache.pills-medicine-tablets-depending-161641-large

Now, this article is focused on natural way of healing headache based on my experience.

When I had this headache, since I don’t take pain reliever, I look for an alternative way to cure my headache as much as possible.

Pain relievers don’t actually heal, as the term suggest it only relieves and it may affect your kidney later on. This is one of the Six Biggest Myths about Pain Killers.

Read the painful truth about pain relievers here.

This article is just based on my personal experience. I don’t have any scientific explanation on this, and I will not claim that this will also work for you.

Use your knowledge too when doing this.

Before going to the alternative way of healing headaches. I will share to you some of the common reasons why people do have headache.


Reasons why we have headache:

These are some of the reasons which you might want to

  • Excessive amounts of alcohol
  • Over eating
  • An incorrect posture
  • Too much stress
  • Problems with teeth
  • Problems with a person eyes
  • Unfair Boss
  • Wrong eating habits
  • Stress or other tense emotions
  • Pollution around you
  • Or endless other things in your life.

When headache is severe it might be that its already a migraine.

Migraines are intense, sometimes debilitating headaches. The most common types of migraine are those with aura (classical migraines) and those without aura (common migraines). (

There was a time a friend of mine asked me what medicine is good to relieve headache.

I told him, I don’t really take medicine if its just a simple headache. I go to the natural healing process.

Really? He said in question.

Alternative Treatments to Headache:

There are many ways to heal headache the natural way.

These are through:

You can also avoid craving for certain foods and drinks that might trigger headache or worse (migraine). These include:

  • Chocolate
  • Cheese
  • Alcohol

So, how did I cure my headache?

Three Alternative Treatments to Headache

This first tip is very simple. We sometimes forget this one.


sea-sunny-person-beach-largeFirst, is to relax.

We often forget this simple habit – relax.

Its priceless.

People nowadays are bombarded by tensions, long-term crisis, financial and emotional problems and so on.

Our mind is focused so much on worldly matters and so we forgot to relax.

Be a child again. Cast all your burdens and sorrows on Him who alone can give rest to the weary heart and peace to the troubled soul. (This Day with God, 310.3)

Rest is all we need.

We have seven days in a week and one day of it is devoted to rest.

Isn’t that wonderful?

Have rest, relax.

Massage your head.

Second is to massage your head.

It just need a healing touch coupled with prayer. I told my friend to massage his head especially at the center part.

Knowing this, he decided not to go to the clinic to get pain reliever, instead he did what I told him.

Use charcoal paste or poultice

Lastly, when I encounter headache, I use charcoal poultice or charcoal paste.

Watch this short video here on how to make charcoal poultice.

I put it around my head and then go to sleep.

Charcoal paste definitely works for me. I don’t know with other people.

I have proven this for me, but if you are doubtful about it, its up to you to believe.

There are many things that we can benefit from using charcoal.

Most of all, its natural and has no side effects.


In finding an alternative treatment to headache, I used these three methods.

Relax, massage and charcoal poultice.

How about you?

Do you have alternative ways to cure headache?

Share it with us.