The end of traffic: What our Vice Presidential Candidates says about it.

Are you sick and tired of all the traffic in Manila?

Here’s how to solve the traffic in Manila according to our vice presidentiables.


As we all know, people look for greener pastures in big cities, and these situations aggravates due to the high unemployment in the rural areas. This is inevitable and eventually every place in the city will be over crowded which is happening now in Manila.

This is what we call urbanization.

As sociologist may refer to it as

the concentration of people into the cities and transforms many patterns of social life. (Macionis, 2014).

One of the major problem of urbanization in the Philippines is the traffic.

Admit it or not, its one of the worlds worst traffic situation.

I was inspired to write this article while watching the vice presidential debate on April 12, 2016 and really admired their answers regarding the Philippine economy particularly in urban development. Now, when these candidates were asked how to solve this problem, most of them reiterates same answers.

Its rural development.

According to them, companies and job opportunities should be also widely available in rural areas not just in major cities.

Yes, its ideal.

But, is rural development the answer to traffic congestion and overpopulation in urban areas ?

What can be done to improve provincial transportation? A foreign business man asked.

Let us try to see what they have in mind.

[sociallocker id=”752″] Well, the following words are excerpts from the debate and if I happen to miss any important points here, feel free to add your comments too.

For me, these six vice presidentiables are top notch.

I mean, they are all full qualified to be our future leaders. As I listen to their answers, they have all the credit to it.

All of the six vice presidentiables admits that the current administration were not really implementing the programs and projects that was already in placed.

The current administration has many alibis not to push through with the implementation as what Sen. Cayetano said.

It serves only a plan itself and no implementation.

Sen. Cayetano vehemently said that iron will is needed in the politics, while Sen. Honasan said; “we should stop politicizing” programs and projects.

On the one hand, Sen. Escudero said to fire out Sec. Abaya in DOTC and utilized properly the pedestrian lanes. Many of the pedestrian lanes and vehicle lanes are already occupied by vendors nowadays.

Moreover, Sen. Marcos said, rural development should be pushed so that the urban areas will be decongested. There will be lesser migrants in the cities if rural areas will be developed. In addition, the number of vehicles should be reduced.

But, the administration candidate Cong. Robredo argued that reducing the number of vehicles is impossible because there are many private vehicles. Many individuals are encouraged to buy a car because they want comfort unlike when riding in public transportation which is very onerous.

Her solution is to improve public transportation.

However, Sen. Cayetano said, there were really plans to decongest the urban areas but its the administration that hampers its implementation. There were plans that subic area will be used as a twin airport to reduce traffic in manila, but were not implemented and so many reasons why it is not so.

Likewise,the north rail transit system should be finished and implemented because this can help minimize traffic in Manila.


Whatever it is: they are all correct.

But seems that the Filipinos are fraught the predicament: a hopeless of the situation.

Every election period there seems to be a bloated promises by these candidates. There are a hundreds of plans and programs that are not implemented.

Why is this so?

As what Sen. Cayetano said, leadership and iron will is important as a leader.

Sociologically, urbanization is inevitable, there will be always people migrating into cities to look for jobs. As rural areas becomes developed- a rural area will in time turned urban area.

And so, the same problem will occur later on- traffic, informal settlers, poverty etc.

At first, I was incredulous but Sen. Honassan was exactly correct;

if there is enough food and decent jobs, there will be less traffic and less migration in urban areas.

Well, for me, its not just rural development – as this leads to urbanization.

Rather, resiliency program through human development. As the old adage says: Teach a man a fish and you will feed him a lifetime.

Give him the opportunity and yet he lacks the skills is useless.

In urban areas, there are lots of opportunities; that is true, however, when people from rural areas migrate to these places; they end up in drudgery- working not as they like to work but being force just to survive.


We have lots of it in Philippines.

Skills is what our fellow Filipinos do not have.

The real essence of development is not the rural or urban development but of human development.

What’s the use of farm to market road if the people have nothing to sell?

What’s the use of malls if the people are hungry and nothing to buy?

What’s the use of these companies if the people are not equipped to do the work?


Its not yet too late my kababayan.

Educate and learn.

Be vigilant.

Don’t let these promises ruin our hopes.

We make our future here, not them.