Redefining Life: Three categories of people based on circumstances

This article is written based on a student’s idea about life on land.

We can’t fully define life exactly, right?

We can say life is a cycle, yes, true.

We can speak life is full of surprises and challenges. Others will tell life is all about love. But, life is not referring to a particular thing or situation only. It is everywhere and it is in every soul of a being.

On land, we all observed and knew that people are the ones dominating the land compared to other beings. People are the ones who consumes, preserves and maintains what the Lord Almighty put into this world. But that doesn’t mean that people are always in a good state because of that domination.

For in fact, based on my observation, life on land, particularly of the people is divided into three situations:

1. People who are in great need.

beggarThe man in the picture is really touching. Well, I don’t care if they are just doing it in order to gather some money easily, and I don’t say that I tolerate it.

It happens because if you are really in need and want to survive and live, you will do everything just to achieve it, right?

You will sacrifice even the only things that are left in you, even your pride and reputation. You want to live longer even though life is making you see that you should be hopeless.

But if you are really determined to achieve your goal, you will achieve it, no matter how hard you will go through just to be in there.

Like the man in the picture waiting for some money or goods to be given to him, because he has to gather some help from other people.

Some people are doing these because they have no family and there’s nobody to support them, so they need to make a way for themselves.

2. People who are working in order to maintain what they have.

informal settlersSecondly, there are indeed people who are stable in life. But with this situation, they are still not confident enough to let that thing unattended. So in order to support their daily needs, they have to work every day for their family and for themselves.

The photo (right) shows people in a mini-market, actually it’s a temporary market which is nearby a construction site and will be eradicated when time comes.

Although it’s not proper, they still choose to stay because they need to survive despite of the unpleasant smell of the place, the polluted air due to vehicles passing by and dust coming from the construction site, they still have to continue working because based on the conflict theory; if they let that opportunity flew, others will take their place and livelihood.

3. People who have overcome the two previous situations, and now achieved what he/she wants in life.

students successLastly, after all the hard works in life, people can achieve what he/she desires.

After suffering from great pain, disappointments, challenges and ups and downs, people can now savor victory.

Life is not only about suffering.

Everything has an end.

If you think by now, how cruel life to you is, don’t worry and have faith, as long as you are doing the right things in the right time with the right person; believe that in the end, you will not be left alone.

It’s like you taste the fruits of your labour; you can now do whatever you want, help who are in need, give as long as you can, be happy until the rest of your life, but don’t ever forget, to look back from where you came from.

Now, I hope that you have grasps some of the ideas about life.

If you have ideas what life is for you, feel free to add comments and share this too.

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