Top 3 Importance of Sustainable Development

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Sustainable Development definition

can be defined in many different ways. There is one simple definition that is used by many people.

Sustainable development is the development that meet the needs of the present without compromising the future generation from meeting their own needs.

Sustainable development has continued over the years to evolve as that of protecting the resources of the world while the true agenda is controlling the world’s resources.

Read here for the historical timeline on sustainable development.

Number 1. Social Benefits

Adherence to the Sustainable Development Agenda brings multifaceted benefits to the people. The importance of sustainable development can help people improve heir well-being, economically, and physically.

Access to clean water and improved sanitation for example can reduce the risk of getting infected with viruses and bacteria that can be harmful to the human body.

Access to quality education and gender equality can boost personal morale of the person. These are just few things that sustainable development can help people.

The importance of sustainable development cannot be overstated.

The essence of this type of development is having a stable relationship between human activities and the natural world, which does not get to affect the prospects of future generations enjoying what we are enjoying today.

This brings me to the second importance of sustainable development.

Number 2. Environmental Protection

This idea of environmentally sustainable economic growth is not a new thing.

There are many cultures that have over the years recognized the importance of harmonizing the environment, society, and economy. The main goal of this is to achieve the perfect balance between economic sustainability, environmental sustainability, and socio-political sustainability.

One challenge that has been faced in this effort is that many of the goals have not been properly formed and there is still a lot of debates on the fundamental concepts.

Recognizing the importance of sustainable development in any country can at least help mitigate the impacts of anthropogenic activities to the environment.

This is not our Planet, we are just mere stewards of it.

Number 3. Economic Benefits

Photo:freedigitalphotos/africaSustainable development is very important for every planning process because it will go a long way in meeting the current goals while putting in mind the future. Whether it’s a matter of international policy, city planning, or designing of a dream home, you will need to factor in sustainable development.

For any country, to be sustainable and economically developed, three things must be needed to be addressed:

Poverty, Inequality, and Unemployment

Looking at these three factors, a country cannot achieve its goals if they focus more on agri-industrial programs and infrastructure. Moreover, sustainable development also should have improved the economic activities of the people.

Thoughts about the importance of sustainable development.

The top 3 importance of sustainable development is actually the pillars of sustainable development.

But the question is, how far can a country go with such goals?

I just remember a sociological theory which states,

for an organization to live and extend its operation, it has to change and reformulate plans over and over again.

In the same manner, in order for humans to survive in this world, we need to change plans and goals and achieve this.

I hope that it is not just by pen and paper, but rather this will be implemented by heart and mind.


Indeed, sustainable development makes a lot of financial sense. If a long term view on investment of time and money produces a lot of benefits over the period of the project.

It can be very tempting to opt for a cheaper fix rather than looking at it in the long term and more permanent solution.

However, striving for long-term benefits encourages innovation. There is a lot that needs to be done to ensure that sustainable development is adopted more around the world to ensure that the future is well taken care of.

Organizations and governments should be sensitized on the many benefits and importance of having sustainable development as part of their plan.

Although SD will enhance their long-term development agenda and promote innovation.

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