Sustainable Urban Development

How to have a sustainable urban development.

Sustainable urban development depends upon many factors that although very necessary, are not always considered or implemented.

If detailed steps are not taken in the area of urban planning, then a haphazard mishmash of growth will occur to the detriment of everyone.

The development process must proceed at a pace that is in concert with support services and amenities so that not only are necessary services such as water and waste management, transportation routes, utility services and policy and fire protection implemented properly, but the aesthetics must also be a vital factor.

The entire urban plan must take into account all aspects of a living and vibrant community that is every progressing, yet always vulnerable to the “emergency of the moment.”

Know the needs of your community

Since communities are made up of people, you are always going to have individual interests at stake where the individual feels that his or her pet projects are more important than the needs of the overall community.

If a community is based upon a master plan, then there will be no surprises and the area grows and matures. The success of such a plan depends largely on the unique professional skills of architects, legal experts, city manager credentials, contractors, and input from as many sources of experience from people who have had similar experiences in the past.

The hiring of consultants who specialize in this type of endeavor is recommended, as to the actual steps of the process is considered.

An experienced consulting firm can help the people responsible for the new development to visualize and see the roadblocks that will need to be overcome, as well as the wonderful opportunities that will present themselves.

Make a Sustainable Development Plan

Just the term “Sustainable Urban Development” states that once community comes into being there will be the ability for the community to sustain itself on out through the years.

This means that there must be plans in place for adequate maintenance of facilities so that there will be plans for continual upgrades and replacement old and outdated facilities.

Forward looking strategies for land use, zoning and tax applications all have to be a part of the equation. The design of roads, streets and highways must be accomplished in such a way so as to not disrupt the quality of living and the way of life in the community.

Parks, recreation areas, walking and biking trails have been found to be special areas where people can congregate and enjoy the outdoors, as well as enjoying each other.

These areas can help to define neighborhoods with easy to access streets and roads, that provide easy access to homes and shopping.

If there are separate core areas that are easily defined as shopping, residential, school zones, and business areas, the the community will have less of a tendency to create undisciplined sprawl.

If all of the crucial factors are taken into account, there is no reason why the community can progressively grow in an orderly fashion and remain a vibrant and focused community for a long, long time.

Consider the Three pillars of sustainable development

From the Age of , it is important to consider how to balance economic, environment as well as human component in developing an urban area.

Humans do not live alone.

It is necessary to protect the environment this is where we get our resources.

Take care of it.