A Few Simple Ideas For Sustainable Living

Sustainable living is all about creating a lifestyle where you focus on reducing your own and your family’s impact on the earth and the usage of earth’s natural resources.

This means that you change your lifestyle habits to reduce your overall carbon footprint, consumption, transportation and energy usage to name a few.

So, with that said, in this article we will be looking at a few simple ideas for sustainable living that can help you to live a more sustainable life.

Reduce Energy Consumption

The first thing you can do is reduce how much energy and electricity that you burn. This means that you should buy and install solar panels inside of your home.

This will require some research and perhaps professional help to ensure that you have enough solar panels to power your home.

This should drastically help to reduce your energy consumption quite considerably which will definitely have a positive effect on the environment.

Turn it Off!

Next, in addition to using solar energy at home, you should try to conserve energy in other ways. This means that whenever you leave a room, you should turn off the light, turn off appliances, air condition units etc.

You should try to always unplug your appliances when they are not in use as this also burns energy and electricity.

Another idea that you can implement is creating a garden at home if you have the space to do so.

Here are other simple ways to practice simple living.

Learn Edible Landscaping

edible landscapingIts what I am good at. (sorry for bragging)

Actually I learned this one in my previous workplace.

It is actually quite fun and a fantastic family activity to have a home garden where you grow some of your own fruits, vegetables and herbs.

Some easy to grow plants include lettuce, tomatoes, sweet peppers, corn, dill, parsley, chives etc. This activity will also teach children the importance of knowing where their food comes from and will help to cultivate a stronger sense of responsibility towards the earth.

Try car pool

Lastly, you can try to car pool with friends and family members when going to school or work. Many people over look this simple activity, but if more people use carpools, we will all reduce air pollution, carbon emissions and traffic.

In closing, we have just taken a look at a few simple ideas for sustainable living that just about anyone can implement.

Even if you can’t put all of the above ideas into action, you can do at least one.

Remember, every action counts, so make sure to do your part to make this a happier and healthier world for us all to live and thrive in.