How to really make money online

Want to earn money online?

In 2011, I was introduced to the world of internet marketing when I started to promote our direct selling products.

From that day on, I learned the ins and outs of internet marketing. However, as a newbie, there are some frustrations that I encounter the same as yours.

I was not scammed, because I am careful in selecting programs. But, I would like to tell you that by joining these programs I learned a lot.

Every now and then I subscribe to countless emails, newsletter to get those freebies just like what you are doing when you get this one.

But my sad realization is that, ONLINE MARKETING is just a “cycle of making money from innocent newbies”.

I realized that I was not doing what I should do, instead I was a part of those who are no direction.

There are many good programs out there and a lot of marketing tools that are promoted.

But in the end, who are making money?

It is the product creator.

They make this marketing tool (which works according to them, but not all). If they would say that a product is made for marketer by a marketer, my question is “Does this person really earn money from their product or they earn by selling this product itself but not using it?”

Too good to be true.

But there are really programs that are purely a milking cow for product creators. They will tell you why you need such product or program, but they won’t tell you how to start your own online empire.

In the end, you end up buying all of these softwares and programs without earning yourself money. I would not discredit the creators because in the end, it also depends on how you use it.

My advice?

Do what you love and the money will follow.

It’s true that your passions will elevate you and your business. If you love cooking, you can make a blog and teach others how to cook and earn from it.

That is plain simple.

When I was exposed to this online marketing, I did try almost everything to make money from it. In fact, I had build two sites but those are closed.

There was even an incident where I earned money accidentally from posting a link in one of my free blog account. But these are not so successful.

Why I do not succeed in these things?

This brings me to my second tip.


Just this May 2015 I was able to build my third site. Even though this is my third site, I still decided not to focus on making money online as a niche, instead I focused on educating my readers and followers about my advocacy.

Money is just a principle to live by. It is how to appreciate the things that we have.

Many of advertising company allure you with such promises to get rich but is not true in the end.

My advice.


Roberth Kyosaki once said,

Focus on course of action until successful!

Many of the newbies are eager to make some money. But just like offline business, it takes years to build it.

Don’t be fooled by such push button riches.

If you consider yourself a failure, don’t be. According to Anthony Robbins

There are no failures, only results.

So, keep doing and testing until you find your niche – your customer base.

There are many ways to make money online, but what I want you to realize is that, you have to keep FOCUS and do what you love.

The rest will follow.

If you are doing affiliate marketing, then continue doing it. Find ways to be successful in those field, but if until now you are struggling to make money online, STOP.

Analyse what’s missing in your business.

Do you have traffic?

Do you have a list?

Do you promote the right product at the right people?

These things are important in online marketing.

Some say, adsense is good way to earn money.

Yes, it’s true.

Some would also suggest pay per click is an effective advertising.

Again it’s true.

But it depends on how you use it.

So, keep FOCUS.

Don’t go after the money.  Help people make money and you will earn money.

So, again and again stay FOCUS.

Secret Ways to Earn Money

If you are a frustrated online seller or marketer, you have to strategize. Take note, not all emails that you send will be read. So, you must be initiative in crafting those email headlines.

My advice is just don’t send them promotional emails. Instead, PRESELL. You must educate them. Then, through it, you win their confidence and you know whats next.

Sending emails with headlines are good, but it’s important that you have to have this genuine and sincere goal to help your customers.

Know their needs and aspirations.

If you make them special. Give them value. This way you will there hearts. And whatever you promote or ask to them, it will be granted.

It’s because they trust you. They have confidence in you.

Unlike if you are just automailing them with those crappy spammy headlines.

To show you how important you are to me as my customer and reader, I made it as a choice not to include affiliate links to earn money from you in this book.

Because making money is not my mission.

My mission is to help you.

Not to make money from you. If I want to really make money from you, I could have sold this for $ 29.

So, as for you, to genuinely make money online.

Help other people make money.

Don’t collect money, if you are not able to give value to your customers.

My four secret ways to make money and influence other people are:

  • Know their needs
  • Sympathize them
  • Won their confidence
  • Bade them to follow you.

This principle is biblical. And it works even in business.

On the other hand, Robert Caildini’s principle of influence is this.

Give. Give. Give.

Freely give and when you asked them something, they cannot refuse anymore because of gratitude. This is the process of reciprocation.

Remember the first time you receive a free taste of a cake or hamburger? The next time you taste it is not anymore free.

Again, there is no such thing as a “free lunch.”

So, my advice!

Give and Ask Later.

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