How Environmental Awareness Affect Economic Development

is important to educate and implant the thought of environment to be a partner and not being a limit to economic activities.

Today, an increasing number of companies and entrepreneurs are seeking towards green economy to ensure environmental sustainability will likely be achieve.

This is vital because population and income are rising. However, this lopsided distribution of revenue and population has aggravated the environmental crisis in several ways  (World Economic Survey, 2011). The understanding of a green economy is invoked so as to stress environmental sustainability and protection while pursuing (World Economic Survey, 2011).

Thus, environmental issues might be of interest one with the most important challenges that face the business enterprise in this first decade from the millennium.

Industrial companies and a lot of other international companies should look into this issue with higher importance, acting promptly as well as a proactive stance rather than abandoning a reactive posture.

It is achievable to merge economic interests with environmental interests, even so the economic thinking dominates and guides many governments is always that everything must submit to it and this ecology is external for the economy.

Well, humans are simply part from the nature of business, therefore the economy ought to be seen as component of ecology.

The hunt for an environmental success in the eco-efficiency, leads us time for a condition proven to sustainability: the awareness.

Speaking about sustainability, there is already an agreement to set new global Sustainable Development Goals as one of the main outcomes from the UN Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20) in 2012.

The new goals will serve as a guide of sustainable development in the world after 2015 in lieu of MDGs which will terminate this year.

In the report, the goals were presented based on the scoring assigned per indicator with a maximum score of 8. The higher the score, the higher will be the transformational change that will be undertaken for developed countries.

It was presented that Goal 13 of the SDGs ranked one in developed countries with an average score of 7.1 This goal is to “Take urgent action to combat and its impacts.”

For developed countries, this is very relevant since they are the ones that producing and emitting more CO2 compared to less developed countries.

Considering that they are already developed, will be hampered if these environmental risk and hazard will occur. (Of course, risk are always present).

Based on United Concern of Scientist, China is the highest carbon dioxide emitting country followed by US. These countries contribute different amounts of heat-trapping gases to the atmosphere. Energy Information Agency (Department of Energy).


Its always ethical and wonderful for a person, organization to give more emphasis on sustainable economic development through environmental awareness.

It is understood which the process of globalization or glocalization (global and local), the idea of citizenship has developed into universal value and ecological ethics a point of love, care, and involved on this vision of consolidating the engine are ethical individuals.

With the increasing numbers of industrial companies, awareness of companies in relation with environmental problems and issues, although limited and inadequate, is of fundamental importance.

Indeed, companies and developed countries started to cooperate to attenuate negative effects of pollution and should aim for environmental sustainability.

In 2014, countries with the highest share of renewable energy consumption in 2014 were also the ones who are in the highest carbon emissions worldwide. (As you can see above)

Photo: www.
Photo: www.

This awareness was the perception that it is important to increase the profit, these days with the vision of welfare, without harming the surroundings, educating the client in some way to increase the environmental situation.

After all, we are all the steward of this world.


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