Ways to make use of plastic waste and reduce plastic pollution

Here are some ways to make use of plastic waste and reduce plastic pollution

Have you ever thought of recycling your plastic waste?

Well, here is a little innovative way to make use of your plastic waste and even earn money from it.

This was just an idea from our Environmental Management students at Northwest Samar State University.

As a faculty of Environmental Management, we encourage students to practice recycling plastic products.

As a steward in the environment, we advocate environmental protection by all means.

Hence, the students in celebration of the 4th National Clean Up day organized a fund-raising activity at the same time participating in the #1AM5MILLIONPH.

Before I will share what they did.

Let me share 7 little ways on how to reduce plastic pollution as mentioned in the Plastic Oceans Organization.

reduce plastic waste

One of the tips that shocked me is number six. Although I am not a person is a fan of gum. It enlightened me that this should not be eaten. It’s just a synthetic rubber.

Alright, I guess those things are pretty easy to do. It all takes a matter of discipline.

So, on the 4th National Clean Up Day, our students had a photo booth.

Yes, a photo booth which is made of recycled materials (mostly plastic bottles).

The idea behind is that anyone who will take photos in the booth will have to pay P10. Of course, the person will wear the recycled materials as their headdress or face mask.

Like the ones, you see below.

reduce plastic waste

Its fun and you help raised money for the students activity.

It’s simple as that.

Join us here and other supporters and advocate of free plastic society.


Other ways to support reducing plastic waste is to join or volunteer in various advocacy groups like

Plastic Bank

Plastic Oceans

Plastic Pollution Coalition

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