Vaccination Crisis: The Truth About Vaccine and Why You Should Avoid it.

Vaccination Crisis Foretold!

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Are we really having a vaccination crisis here?

Pardon me, and don’t get me wrong with this article.

It is my intention to write this article to share with you about an old warning.

Sorry to scare you.

By the way, this is not just about reminding you of the issues we faced today, but also a review of a book that I read.

The reason for giving this book review is to open our mind and judge by ourselves if it is really a fulfillment of prophecy or a mere conspiracy.


Because there are isolated cases in our hometown that young children and even the senior citizens died after having immunized of pneumonia. Of course, there are other reasons for their death, and not just about the vaccines.

(This information is based on word of mouth in our town which I have heard from my mother and sister).

Could this be the beginning of vaccination crisis?

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Recently, reports in TV spread the news about Dengvaxia where many children were affected and hospitalized because of the vaccine. In the news, the Garin and Sanofi representatives were sued for the damages that was caused by Dengvaxia over to the suspected death of a child.

To quote;

The Public Attorney’s Office said it sued Garin and Sanofi representatives for damages after its own forensic examination found that a 10-year-old child, who had no history of dengue, died within a week of receiving the vaccine. ABS-CBN News

There were more than 830,000 children that were immunized with Dengvaxia as part of the government’s dengue immunization program. GMA News

How sad.

I cannot keep silent about these issues now especially that I have read about “The Vaccination Crisis.

Many critics, government officials, and experts are saying not to scare people about it.

Well, I say, it’s better to know something than nothing!

In the Bible, it says,

my people are destroyed from lack of knowledge. Hosea 4:6, NIV

With this pressing issue, let me just say about a book which is very important to read.

The Vaccination Crisis

vaccination crisis ferrelVaccination Crisis was written by Vance Ferrel and published by Harvestimes Books in 2004. You can download a copy from Amazon or buy it in there publishing store.

Of course, every one has its own opinion. You can therefore read it for yourself and decide whether if it is true or not.

Well, everything is personal, but don’t take this personal. I gave a review to whatever type of book that I feel like its worth sharing.

So, here is my honest review of Vaccination Crisis.

First, the book author shares facts which I presumed is based on his own research. It is hard to cite and mention names and organization that causes this big health problems in our society.

And do you know that these multinational organizations are helping in one way or another to improve the lives of the people are the ones mainstreaming the mass vaccine immunization?

It’s ironic!

In this book, there are stunning evidences about vaccination crisis and the author manages to collate all the details from these important sources.

For me, if we try to accuse a person of doing something wrong (e.g. stealing,) we should have evidences, facts, etc. And this book has laid out all its evidences why should we avoid vaccination.

What could be the impact of vaccination crisis in our lives and to our loved ones?

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In my opinion, vaccination can be considered to what other people may call it “depopulation theory” if there such a theory.

Well, I don’t believe it.

However, the author mentions many types of vaccines that are dangerous to humans. Chapter 1 was a good start to teach us about the danger of smallpox vaccine and why vaccination is dangerous.

To quote how dangerous smallpox vaccine is.

If you scratch where the fresh vaccine pox is and put it into your eye, you can transfer smallpox to the eye. And if some of the fluid from it touches another person, he may contract the disease. If you get “progressive vaccinia,” your immune system is compromised; the virus continues to grow, and is often the cause of death.

The good thing about this book is that it also contains information the signs and symptoms of smallpox and its possible natural remedy.

Other vaccines that are mentioned in the book includes anthrax, childhood vaccines like measles, tetanus, polio, mumps, influenza, and german measles.

Why vaccines are dangerous?

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The author also mentioned the origin of vaccines and what really makes it dangerous.

This makes me decide not to be vaccinated.


Here is the reason I got from the book.




According to a November 1969 National Health Federation report, a study conducted by the World Health Organization (WHO) disclosed that people who have been vaccinated for measles have a 14 times greater chance of contracting the disease than those who were not vaccinated. A 1985 study by the U.S. government noted that 80% of “non-preventable” cases of measles occurred in people who had been vaccinated (20th Immunization Conference Proceedings, May 6-9, 1985, p. 21).

Now, you decide!

A personal testimony.

My mother asked and permitted local health workers to immunized her with pneumonia. After that she already had an occurrence of pneumonia but prior vaccination she never experienced such disease.

One of our neighbor also had the same experience. Worse is that, others really died after vaccination.

This is the same story with the quote above which I will reiterate here:

The Public Attorney’s Office said it sued Garin and Sanofi representatives for damages after its own forensic examination found that a 10-year-old child, who had no history of dengue, died within a week of receiving the vaccine. ABS-CBN News

In the book, despite the claim of World Health Organization (WHO) that proper diet is the best way cure and avoid to deadly and infectious diseases, still they are intending to promote mass immunization campaigns.

What on earth did I just say?


So, please read the book Vaccination Crisis to learn more.

The author is cautious about giving his personal advice why should we avoid vaccines in these latter days. There are case studies and stories in the book that will blow your mind.

Sorry for the term, but I like to call it that way.

After reading the book, I immediately told my parents and siblings not to take part in the mass immunization campaign our local village administered by local health workers.

Now, going back.

The Philippine Vaccination Crisis

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The Philippines had just been stirred because of Dengvaxia.

Are these things a mere coincidence of the book Vaccination Crisis?

Although, its not the same vaccines that is found in the book, but it is perfectly clear to me that if ever there is a campaign for immunization of whatsoever, I dare not to be a part of it.

For me, I would agree to the author that we need to change our lifestyle.

Its time to go back to the original diet that our Creator has given us.

Its true. We cannot avoid illnesses today, but I still believe that prevention is better than cure.

So, instead of vaccination, why not prevention?

Read and download this book Stay Green, Stay Healthy now for free!

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