The Sustainable Farm: The Drought-Resilient Farm Book Review

Struggling how to make a drought-resilient farm?

Let’s face it!

We are faced with ever changing climate especially drought. The only option we have is to be resilient.

If you are a farmer like us, then probably we share the same problem – how to make a drought-resilient farm.

While browsing the net, I came across with this helpful book which I will share to you.

Let me introduce to you

The Drought-Resilient Farm

Drought-resilient farm by Dale StrickenThe book was written by Dale Strickler with about 200 pages and fully illustrated. The author begins the book with a touch of personal experience as a farmer. Its a book that teaches how to manage farm under a condition where there is minimal water. Its a science-based book explained in lay mans term that ordinary people can understand the science of managing water and soil.

Each method on how to make a drought-resilient farm is complemented with an image. There are also long-term experiments how tillage affects plant available water holding capacity.

Actually, I love how each of the scientific terms being explained in a fashionable way that even those non-technical person will understand.

Lots of helpful tips to run your farm without worrying about drought.

Truly, a resilient farmer after reading this book.

Any individual will understand it. I am not an agriculture major but really I got interested in it after reading the book. It appears to me that agriculture is not that very technical as the author manages to explain it in the book.

Each chapter ends with a chapter summary which to me is an ideal format for any literature book.

There are many things that you will learn in the Drought -Resilient Farm book like:

  • Soil management;
  • How to keep water in the soil longer;
  • How Tillage affect rainwater shortage;
  • Improving water holding capacity of the soil profile;
  • How Organic Matter Affects Soil water-holding capacity;
  • How a cropping system affects water capacity based on soil type and plant.

and many more.

Of course when we say drought-resilient farm, it is not just about plants but also animals.

The author also shared valuable information how to provide water for your livestock. I was amazed at how easy to make a fence in a pond to provide access to your livestock for drinking.

Also how to make move water using only gravity. This is perfect in our farm is sloping and we have a pond. Don’t worry it is very easy to do. You will not get lost because it includes instructions on how to do it with pictures above.

Oppss… I am not done yet with the drought-resilient farm book review.

In the book, you will also learn how you can provide forage during emergencies especially in drought. So, this book is not just about water per se which I thought at first is dedicated to water management. But actually how to become resilient in your farm when drought strikes. When drought comes you need not only to manage water but also other areas in your farm such as forage.

Its a complete book of resiliency.

A must-read for anyone who want to be drought-resilient farm.

In conclusion, the author encourages the reader especially the farmer to take actions before and during the next drought occur through a checklist of activities.

With this, you will be guided easily as to what needs to be done.

There are many things to say about this book, but I suggest that you buy and read it yourself.

You can get the book at Amazon for $23.78 only. Its worth the price.

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