Write research proposal faster. Seriously!

Write research proposal faster and save your valuable time for your family!

I know you are tired writing proposals, but wait I have good news for you!

I found a new way to write research proposal or article faster than ever before.

Please bear with me. This is just a short article.


Let’s go.

It does not matter whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced in research writing and proposal making this article is for everyone who has a burden in creating  and writing research proposal. (Even research article).

From time to time I am engage in writing research proposal and submitting to funding agency. However, writing research proposal is time consuming.

Good thing we are not using typewriter anymore.

research proposal writing

Eight hours is not enough especially if you are a busy professor and college instructor. Let’s face it. Nowadays, multiple tasking is necessary for any professional.

Can you just imagine from conceptualization of research proposal to reviewing literature’s?

How many hours do you consume with this tedious activity?

No wonder most of people don’t like writing research paper.

Mind you that this does not include yet the writing process.

Lucky for me, I have these research writing tools which is a time saver at least.

I will not focus so much on your ability to write research proposal, because I believe you are very good at that.

Or visit how to write project proposal here.

What I will share to you is how you can save time writing your research proposal.

Based on experience, the painful part of a scientific paper writer is on citation. Suppose you read 50 literature’s for your study and insert reference one by one, this can consume your time (assuming if you have no other job aside from writing).


The pain-free, hassle-free reference manager software!

Wait, I forgot.

Its FREE, for LIFE! Seriously!


I already had access to this before, but I wish I could have used it long before rather than  lying this piece of writing software in my computer. It was intimidating at first, but once I got used to it, it works like magic to me.

With Mendeley you can maximize your time in reviewing literatures by annotating, making notes in one interface. No need to open up multiple pdf file, but rather side by side, you can compare and make some notes inside Mendeley.

Thanks to the Mendeley team.

My research proposal writing is just a click away.

I am doing more with less. I can laugh all the way writing research paper and articles. No sweat!

Alright, lets get this writing research proposal faster and easier.

Just follow the six steps to produce research proposal hassle-free and perfect.

Six steps in writing research proposal faster. YES!

Writing research proposal faster and easier: Just six steps, and your done.

 1. Install Mendeley Desktop

You can download here for FREE!!!. After installing the software you will be asked to sign up. Don’t worry there is no credit card required.

You see, I love FREE.

Mendeley lets you create an account so that you can sync all your work in your desktop or app and work anywhere.

2. Upload files to library

Once installed, upload the files to your library. Click the my library and click the add button. Search your files and add them by highlighting and click open. Use control A to select all files in pdf.

upload pdf mendeley

Now you are ready to read and review the literatures, make some notes and annotation in just one piece of software.

How’s that?

Okay, lets go to third step.

3. Enter or change details of the book, journal, reports, etc.

Actually this is optional, if you notice that there are no details found in the right pane of the Mendeley, then you need to enter the details in the section. Its easy as filling up raffle coupons. Even your child could do it.

change details pdf mendely
Here you can change the details of your pdf


4. Write research proposal in a Word document.

No further instruction here. I know you are an expert in MS Word. By the way, Mendeley also works with Mac OS and Linux.

Alright, excited to start using citation and reference manager?

Here it goes.

5. Insert citation.

With Mendeley you can cite while you write.

Just go to References menu in your Word doc and click Insert citation. You can change your citation format inside the word document. See the photo below.

insert citation write research proposal
Insert citation

After you click OK, the in-text citation will be incorporated in your paragraph. No more formating, just choose the format style in the menu and you are good to go.

So, you are now excited to finish your research proposal.

Here is the last magic I will show you.

(In my previous research writing, I do this manually. I add the references one by one, format them accordingly to the style of journal or publisher. Well, like you, I really hate this process.)

6. Insert Bibliography

Once done with your write up, with all the in-text citation included in your manuscript, you are now ready for the final process – to insert bibliography.

Unlike the manual process, it will take hours or even 1 day to do all the proper referencing. I know that most of you hate this too.

But with Mendeley, once all your pdf are uploaded in library with the correct details.

Just click insert bibliography and in a split of seconds all of your in-text citation will be added in the reference section in APA or your desired format.

Yes, in just one click.

Insert Bibliography and OK.

No hassles. No fuss.

Just Mendeley.

Alright, there it goes. I hope this article saves your time in writing research proposal.

Now, you know how to write research proposal faster.

Should you have questions, don’t forget to comment below.

Happy writing!

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