How to Measure Vulnerability to Climate Change

How vulnerable are you to climate change?


Do you know that Philippines is the world’s third largest disaster risk country?


If you are still wondering how vulnerable you are to climate change, observe closely the photo below.

World Risk Report, 2012
World Risk Report, 2012

If you live in Philippines, congratulate yourself.

Just kidding.

Please see the full report here World Risk Report, 2012.

Well, as the famous tagline of our tourism agency, “It’s more fun in the Philippines!”

No wonder why we are visited by typhoons every now and then.

But, don’t get me wrong.

I am not making fun out of this.

In 2014, Vanuatu is still at the top country with the greatest risk of disaster worldwide (index value: 36.5), followed by the Philippines (index value: 28.25) and Tonga (index value: 28.23). Germany is ranked in position 147 (index value: 3.01). The country with the lowest risk of disaster worldwide is Qatar with an index value of 0.08.

Download the full report here on World Risk Report 2014.

World Risk Report, 2014
World Risk Report, 2014

Climate change is a serious issue. Obama once said, that “climate change will truly affect our country”. (Referring to U.S)

So, why am I writing this article about climate change?

Although, there are many websites in existence that provide environmental info on subjects like Global Warming, wildlife, earthquakes, animal deaths and endangered species.

Some stay with a principal subject, including wildlife and habitats being damaged. However, other websites made by various people and organizations may have different environmental subjects with links to articles or other groups supplying you with more facts about what on earth is happening on the habitats and ecosystems all over the world.

There is much information available with all of sorts, of nature photos to check out so people might get a greater thought of the change regularly planet.

Some of the photos usually are not pretty nevertheless the truth has to be known, as scientists and environmentalists have said often.

Climate change is really a fact and many types of the destruction of habitats, wildlife and human structures worldwide will undoubtedly deteriorate if big changes aren’t made soon.

The plants and creatures of the Earth have been wiped out while entire habitats are vanishing, all for human profit. The planet is running out of serious amounts of natural resources will be destroyed also.

Pollution and forest destruction worldwide have raised while more building still continues to obliterate more habitats. The floods, fires, earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, windstorms and tidal waves constantly increase annually. The global temperature is rising and tend to be the sea levels.

Know how nature can help people at risk, watch this video.

Measure of Vulnerability Index

If you would like to know how to measure vulnerability to climate change, you can read the study of Francisco and Yusuf (2009).

Based on the study of Francisco and Yusuf (2009) climate change can affect vulnerability of a system. They identified vulnerable sectors in a community using climate change vulnerability index using the framework of vulnerability from IPCC (2001) which is a function of exposure, sensitivity and adaptive capacity (Francisco and Yusuf, 2009, McCarthy et al, 2001).

Simply put it, vulnerability is a function of exposure,  sensitivity, and adaptive capacity.

Thus, vulnerability is v= f (e, s, a).

With this framework, a pilot study conducted by the PEP-Asia CBMS Network Office of the Angelo King Institute for Economic and Business Studies (AKI) of De La Salle University has utilized Community Based Monitoring System (CBMS) to create a vulnerability index following the framework of Francisco and Yusuf (2009) for EEPSEA.

Unfortunately, not all city’s and municipalities in the Philippines are using CBMS to measure climate change vulnerability and even utilizing it to make programs and projects.

With the aid of Geographical Information System and CBMS, program planning would be very effective.

Check this post why CBMS is important in program planning.


Of course, there are other tools to measure vulnerability one of it is through this framework.

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