How to write project proposal

Write project proposal with this proven tips.


Are you an extensionists or researcher who want to write project proposal or looking for templates or examples?

Wait, before I will give you those treasure sample project proposals. Let me share with you my experience on how to write a project proposal.

There is a lot of project proposal template in the internet but let me tell you, writing proposals is not that easy.

However, if you have all the skills in writing proposals for sure there is no more problem.

Proposal templates actually vary from organization to organization. It depends on who will fund the project.

So, in short, in writing your proposal, make sure you have already a target funding agency.

With that, you will be guided as to the format of the project proposal.

For me as a social scientist, I am more particular with the conceptual framework and the review of literature. Of course, every part of the proposal is important. But if you don’t read literature, your proposal might be the same hundred of proposals and project that have been funded.

In social science, we ought to change and contribute to the “the knowledge space”. In short, make a proposal that is unique, that something is worth fundable.

When I had my masters degree, I was exposed to these projects as a research assistant and somehow learned all the process in writing a project proposal. Now, while working as research assistant in an agriculture department, I also wrote some proposals. And now that I am teaching in academia, I also write proposals for research and extension activities.

These experiences dovetailed to hone my skills in project proposal writing.

When I first had my job as research assistant, my adviser would always say,

Go to the village and listen to their needs

This words lead me to my tip number one.

 Tip Number 1: Always satisfy needs of the community.


Problem Tree Analysis
Problem Tree Analysis

It’s not always what you know, but using your knowledge to help others. Life is a give and take.

Why many programs and projects fail?

Because there is “no sense of ownership”. Over and over again I heard this phrase, but what the government is doing is a dole out programs. We are not teaching people to feed themselves. We are teaching them to be lazy. Remember the Chinese proverbs?

Give a man a fish, and you will feed him today. Teach a man to fish, you will feed him for a lifetime.

For this reasons, NGOs are doing what we call participatory planning. This is to know the needs of the community.

Tip Number 2. Address the needs of your funding agency.

If you are aiming for a grant for your proposal. You must properly address their proposal format and the theme or their framework.

Do not reinvent the wheel!

you are making it hard to yourself.

Just follow their format and the research agenda.

Follow there project proposal templates which you can have for free.

Tip Number 3. Know your ability.


Project proposals requires knowledge. Your proposal should speak about your knowledge, so its important here to read literature about your studies. You might be doing something where it has already been done. Useless.

In doing a review of literature review, it is advisable to visit journal sites.

Check the following.





When you read online references, use Zotero for citation and arranging your bibliography. Its free!

Visit my research writing tools page here for more information.

Tip Number 4. Be sure of your methodology.

When you write project proposal, it is important to know your methodology and how you are going to achieve your objectives. This is because your results will be affected by the methods you use. The validity and reliability of your results rely on the methods you use.

For the social scientist like me, I now use this newly acquired knowledge of Data analysis.

You can download this book here.

Well, social sciences deals most of the time in conducting surveys. But mind you, it is not just a survey.

That is why you need to know more the basic of your statistical treatments and analysis.

Tip Number 5. Write project proposal now!

write project proposalNow that you are overloaded with the literature, knows the correct format and the needs of the community, then start writing.

You will never move forward unless you start doing what you want.

 Now that you know what to do.

Is there still a need to give you a project proposal template?

If yes, then go download this one.

Project management template

Or visit the websites of your funding agency and asked for the template.

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