Condom distribution in schools: Yes or No?

Are you in favor of condom distribution in schools?

Yes, condom distribution will start this year 2017 by Department of Health (DOH). I purposefully had this poll to know what are the views of the people (i.e. parents and the youth) about this matter.

Why should condom distribution be implemented?

In my own assessment, the case of HIV-AIDS in the Philippines is increasing. Report shows that from January 1984- March 2016, there is 32,647 reported cases in which 1,675 already are reported dead (DOH, Epidemiology Bureau, March 2016).

With this data alone, it is alarming since AIDS can be transmitted easily through sexual contact, injecting drugs using syringe and blood transfusion.

Do you know?

In March 2016, 204 (28%) cases were among youth aged 15-24 years. Most (96%) were male. Ninety-nine percent (203) were infected through sexual contact (17 male-female sex, 110 male-male sex, 76 sex with both males & females) and 1 (<1%) through needle sharing among IDU.

From January 1984–March 2016, 8,738 (27%) of the reported cases were 15-24 years old. Eighty-six percent (7,525) of all the youth were reported from 2011 to 2016 (DOH, Epidemiology Bureau, March 2016).

In my opinion, condom distribution is a good strategy to prevent HIV/ AIDS from spreading to other person, but we know the other side effects (talking about the morality of the person).

Although it is not the intention of DOH to encourage young people to engage into sexual acts, but it creates curiosity to the youth especially without proper guidance.

But don’t worry, there will be counseling first before this action will be implemented.

But before the distribution, there will be counseling so we can prepare the schools, teachers and the students,” Ubial added. (Read the complete article at

Now, having read a little piece of information about the status of HIV/AIDS in the Philippines.

What is your opinion about condom distribution in schools?

If you are in favor or not about this strategy to help at least minimize and avoid having infected with AIDS, please vote.

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