How to use Linkedin for job search

Effective ways on how to use Linkedin for job search

Attention to all job seekers out there!

This article is for you.

I was just glad to know that by using Linkedin for job search is very effective. In fact, twice, I had this opportunity to apply for a job vacancy.

How did it happen?

Well, I just created a Linkedin account and if you don’t have better create one. Go here.

The first offer happened to me when a staffing specialist of an international company sent me a message that I am qualified for their vacant positions.

Linkedin Job search

The second offer happened when Linkedin sent a sponsored message from a foreign university.

Linkedin Recruitment

Sponsored message is a protection of your identity to companies to avoid spam complaints.


With this sponsored message, your identity will not be disclosed to those company that offers the opportunity.

How did it happen?

Soooooo simple….

  1. Go to LinkedIn and create an account.
  2. Fill up your profile and credentials.

LinkedIn will post a sponsored message based on your qualifications. So, don’t forget to include all your interest and hobbies all the good things you can think about yourself.

Remember, you are selling yourself here.

Don’t worry if you will have no offer for a job vacancy. It will just come to you unexpectedly as I do.

I joined linked in years ago, and it was only this 2015 that received this recruitment.

Try to notice the dates encircled in red. It’s in 2015.

So, don’t worry.

When you are on Linkedin, try to post your good thoughts and speak about your abilities.

       3. Join groups and participate in conversation.

      4. Invite friends and connect with professionals with the same field of interest with you.

Actually, I only visit my Linkedin account twice a week to check if someone remembers me to send a message. But as you can see, I still got job offers.

Now, if you asked me if I was hired with those jobs?


I have my full time job. And the first offer is also time consuming.

I am not looking for another job with my Linkedin account, I am building my online presence and credibility.

Linkedin are social media for professionals. If you are established professional, then, someday you will receive offers too.

Think not for today, but for tomorrow.

What you do today, will affect your life tomorrow.

Create your life, follow your dreams, and build your credibility.

Join LinkedIn.

Hope you enjoy this post.

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