Development Worker’s Effective ways to Balance Work and Family

Are you a social worker with problems on how to balance your work and family time?


Okay, before anything else, there are many questions in the online world of how much really does a social worker earns or the salary of a development worker.

As a development worker, this sometimes depends on the agencies you are working. According to my friend who was working in an international NGO (which I cannot mention her name and the NGO), their salary is Php 50, 000. Again, it depends on the agency, but at entry level you may earn about Php 19,000.

It’s good enough as a starting point in your career as a social worker. But as a development worker, your job demands more time, not just with yourself and your work, but with your family.

So, how can you balance these things?

Balance Work

Money, work or family?

If you are trying to live life meeting both ends just to provide the needs of your family and no time for yourself. You may be working very hard, but not efficient at all.

You must work smarter, not harder.

According to T. Harv Eker, leveraging is one of the best ways you can be effective in work and in your personal career or business.

How leveraging will help improve your family relationship and work?

In order to balance your family and work, you must use another person to help you do the work. If you are a social worker at the same time a mother or single parent, have some goal for yourself and do the following easy yet effective ways to balance your work and family.

Here is my list to follow.

Create a to do list

Often times if you are very busy, you forget something very important in your daily activities you may even forget your family time.

The same as making a plan is to create your to do list.  It might be difficult, but if you have it planned out and follow the plan you will be surprised how easy you can find a balance.

In this way, you will be guided how much you have accomplished in that day and you will know how much you are effective. Then, you will know when you need to schedule work and home events.

This will make your life significantly easier and you will know which activities fit into which time frame. Just make sure you stick to your schedule.

Download this free app to make notes and schedule your activities from the amazon note takerapp store.

This app will help development workers and those busy people to live a balance and happy life.

Go to the website and download it.

Share Responsibilities

Why was Eve taken out from the rib of Adam?

Because, it is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a companion for him; a helper suited to his needs” Gen. 2:18. Eve was created from a rib taken from the side of Adam, signifying that she was not to control him as the head, nor to be trampled under his feet as an inferior, but to stand by his side as an equal, to be loved and protected by him.

This means that both husband and wife should work together to create a perfect family relationship. Often times we got so overworked because only one person is handling more of the responsibilities in the household.

So, learn to share responsibilities at home and each spouse can be responsible for their work. Also, teach older children some home responsibilities as will help parents to balance work and home.

This is the essence of leveraging, it means doing more with less. You can do more with the help of your family members with less of the time. By doing this, you have more vacation time to spend on family recreation.

Leave Work at Work

According to Ellen White, The average father wastes many opportunities to attract and bind his children to him.


Because mostly, parents brought their work in their homes, which is the reason why, parent’s don’t have much time to spend to their children. And so, children will look for avenues to express their feelings with their peers.

If you really want to balance work and home, then you will always leave work at work and keep home a sacred place for family and home activities. As parents you should give special attention to your children and also to your husband or wife.

Dedicate a Special Day for your family at the weekend

For in six days you shall labor and on the seventh day is a Sabbath day of the Lord. Exodus 20:9-10.

A great way to keep home and work separate is to always focus on home activities and worship in the Lord during weekends. This will not only enhance your family relationship but will also bring closer to God. The family that prays together, stays together.

Weekends are the best way to have a family time together with the Creator.

What will happen if you spend your time with your family during the Sabbath?

You will find your joy in the Lord. Isaiah 58:14

Now that you knew the things that will help you effectively and balance your work and family.

It’s time for you to practice what you have learned.

Hope you enjoy the post.

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