Alternative Treatments to Cure Headache

Looking for alternative treatments to headache?

Let’s accept it, we all do experience this pain in our heads for sometime. Some people do have migraines which is worse than simple headache.pills-medicine-tablets-depending-161641-large

Now, this article is focused on natural way of healing headache based on my experience.

When I had this headache, since I don’t take pain reliever, I look for an alternative way to cure my headache as much as possible.

Pain relievers don’t actually heal, as the term suggest it only relieves and it may affect your kidney later on. This is one of the Six Biggest Myths about Pain Killers.

Read the painful truth about pain relievers here.

This article is just based on my personal experience. I don’t have any scientific explanation on this, and I will not claim that this will also work for you.

Use your knowledge too when doing this.

Before going to the alternative way of healing headaches. I will share to you some of the common reasons why people do have headache.


Reasons why we have headache:

These are some of the reasons which you might want to

  • Excessive amounts of alcohol
  • Over eating
  • An incorrect posture
  • Too much stress
  • Problems with teeth
  • Problems with a person eyes
  • Unfair Boss
  • Wrong eating habits
  • Stress or other tense emotions
  • Pollution around you
  • Or endless other things in your life.

When headache is severe it might be that its already a migraine.

Migraines are intense, sometimes debilitating headaches. The most common types of migraine are those with aura (classical migraines) and those without aura (common migraines). (

There was a time a friend of mine asked me what medicine is good to relieve headache.

I told him, I don’t really take medicine if its just a simple headache. I go to the natural healing process.

Really? He said in question.

Alternative Treatments to Headache:

There are many ways to heal headache the natural way.

These are through:

You can also avoid craving for certain foods and drinks that might trigger headache or worse (migraine). These include:

  • Chocolate
  • Cheese
  • Alcohol

So, how did I cure my headache?

Three Alternative Treatments to Headache

This first tip is very simple. We sometimes forget this one.


sea-sunny-person-beach-largeFirst, is to relax.

We often forget this simple habit – relax.

Its priceless.

People nowadays are bombarded by tensions, long-term crisis, financial and emotional problems and so on.

Our mind is focused so much on worldly matters and so we forgot to relax.

Be a child again. Cast all your burdens and sorrows on Him who alone can give rest to the weary heart and peace to the troubled soul. (This Day with God, 310.3)

Rest is all we need.

We have seven days in a week and one day of it is devoted to rest.

Isn’t that wonderful?

Have rest, relax.

Massage your head.

Second is to massage your head.

It just need a healing touch coupled with prayer. I told my friend to massage his head especially at the center part.

Knowing this, he decided not to go to the clinic to get pain reliever, instead he did what I told him.

Use charcoal paste or poultice

Lastly, when I encounter headache, I use charcoal poultice or charcoal paste.

Watch this short video here on how to make charcoal poultice.

I put it around my head and then go to sleep.

Charcoal paste definitely works for me. I don’t know with other people.

I have proven this for me, but if you are doubtful about it, its up to you to believe.

There are many things that we can benefit from using charcoal.

Most of all, its natural and has no side effects.


In finding an alternative treatment to headache, I used these three methods.

Relax, massage and charcoal poultice.

How about you?

Do you have alternative ways to cure headache?

Share it with us.

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