lloydLloyd Celeste is a Development Sociologist, self taught web developer and blogger.

He is the owner/manager of “Calbayog Directory” (www.calbayogdirectory.com), and “My Social Sketch” (www.mysocialsketch.com).

The former site is dedicated to help customers and travelers locate business establishments in Calbayog City easily while the latter caters to help other development workers and social workers honed skills through online.

He also helps newbie bloggers setting up wordpress blogs like www.thechristherald.com.

Prior founding his two niche sites in online world, Lloyd served as a Missionary for one year in General Santos City, Philippines after earning his Master’s Degree in Development Sociology at Visayas State University in 2010.

He, later joined Department of Agriculture for about a year where he gained hands-on knowledge on research and extension work to rice farmers in Southern Leyte, Philippines.

This experience helped him deepen his understanding about the way people live and relate to the society.

In addition, he also helped people by giving encouragement, inspiration and motivation in improving one’s relationship, leadership and entrepreneurship skills and other rural developmental work which is his line of expertise as a development worker/sociologist.

As a graduate of Agribusiness major in Business Management in his BS, he is presently working as an Instructor at NwSSU, Calbayog City, teaching student’s entrepreneurial skills, business planning and social awareness though social science subjects.

His core skills honed overtime includes feasibility study, resource valuation, statistical analysis, business planning, and GIS for social science.

Other areas of interest includes Javascript programming, HTML, CSS and apps development.

Please see my app here.

On the one hand, I have to reveal something to you.

The video below shows five fun facts about me.