Want to know what is a development worker?

First, let us define what is a development worker. In general, development workers or community development workers are those who work to see change in the society.

Often times these people are involved in civic organization, NGOs and research community oriented organization. They are involve in doing research and extension for the sake of community development.

You may probably encounter them during disaster relief, or livelihood training and seminar in your community.

Perhaps, they asked you about your community’s current resources and assets.

Aside from that, they also do i am development workercommunity surveys which will later be used for policy making and planning.

Working with community people like farmers, fishermen, women’s group, youth and among others are also there expertise.

Any work as long as it involves the community’s participation geared towards social change is the task of a development worker.

What a development worker does?

Prospects.ac.uk itemized  some of the type of activities a community development worker does. It includes the following:

  • preparing reports and policies;
  • raising and managing funds;
  • developing and implementing strategies;
  • liaising with interested groups and individuals to set up new services;
  • mediating in matters of conflict;

You may read the full article here.

If you are a development worker or an aspiring one, you have many chances of landing in a job in the international agencies like United Nations, World Health Organization, etc.

Developmentworker.com, also pointed out other related jobs like:

  • relief related jobs
  • peace building
  • and development aid
  • advocacy officer

Working for people is a wonderful experience, after all, we live with people.