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8 Feb 2018

The Sustainable Farm: The Drought-Resilient Farm Book Review

Struggling how to make a drought-resilient farm? Let’s face it! We are faced with ever changing climate especially drought. The only option we have is to be resilient. If you are a farmer like us, then probably
26 Jan 2018

Prepping 101: 40 steps you can take to be prepared. A book review

How to be prepared in times of disasters. Looking for a book about resiliency? Here is it. In my list of books about sustainable living, so far, this book Prepping 101 is the most comprehensive and complete.
15 Jan 2018

How to live a sustainable lifestyle without being materialistic

Can you live a sustainable lifestyle without being materialistic? The truth is “Materialism breeds Unhappiness!” There are studies conducted about happiness in the US and it turned that money and other material things don’t really add up
10 Sep 2017

Sustainable Development in the countryside: The Biri Larosa Protected Landscape/Seascape

Is sustainable development possible in the countryside? Way back in 2011, I was able to visit the top 3 highest peak in Mindanao called Mt. Matutum. It is a protected area and like many other protected landscape
9 Jul 2017

Volvo’s electric cars impact on the gas-powered car industry

Dear EarthTalk: Does Volvo’s embrace of electric cars signal the beginning of the end of the gas-powered internal combustion engine?                                             ­– Macy Vigneault, New Orleans, LA   Volvo has announced that it will only sell hybrid
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