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19 Aug 2016

2016 Inter-agency research, development and extension In-house review Cluster 3: Experience

Worth the experience! Results of 2016 Inter-agency In-house RDE review.   Last August 2 and 3, 2016 the Eastern Visayas State University held the 2nd Level RDE symposium in Borongan City, Samar. It was participated in by
4 Jul 2015

Origins of Participatory Resource Appraisal

Looking for PRA definition?   Well, PRA stands for Participatory Rural Appraisal?   PRA is not a new concept actually, and it has been around since 1990s which is very similar to qualitative methodology called RRA or
24 Jun 2015

How to write project proposal

Five tips on how to write a project proposal for¬†extension agents.   Looking for project proposal template or examples?   Wait, before I will give you those treasure sample project proposals. Let me share with you my
14 Jun 2015

How to do a participant observation

Excited to do a participant observation?   But first, let us define What is Participant Observation? Participant observation is type of data collection method typically carried out the qualitative research paradigm. It is a traditionally used methodology
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