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If you desire to have a sustainable lifestyle and promote sustainable community development, let me help you.

But, chances are you don’t know me yet.

So, let me introduce myself.

Who Am I?

My name is Lloyd Celeste. I am a Development Sociologist whose main goal is to bring social change and improve people’s quality of life.

I work with families and entire communities to identify needs, assets, and opportunities that can be used to empower them socially and economically.

My goal is to empower communities through capacity building.

Set goals for social and economical empowerment, and respond to problems affecting the community.

I engage with students and other members of the community to help them create a better society through community organization, research, and extension work.

Through active participation, I work in close coordination with the community and other stakeholders to make sense of issues that affect people’s lives.

Over time, I have honed my skills and knowledge in feasibility study, statistical analysis, resource valuation, GIS, and business planning among others.

What I do?

As a person with a strong passion for research and extension.

I am currently engaged in research in the fields of sociology and environment to improve people’s lives and create more awareness about the value of preserving our natural surroundings.

I have also participated in a number of international conferences to foster my knowledge in how people live and how they relate with their cultural and natural environment.

Having worked with the Department of Agriculture for a year and a missionary volunteer, I have hands-on knowledge on extension work and a deep understanding of the core needs and capacity building solutions for both rural and urban communities.

My objective has always been to inspire, encourage, and motivate people in different sectors of their personal and occupational lives.

I seek to impart the skills and knowledge I have acquired in my profession to other people to help them live a meaningful life without compromising on their health, relationships, and the environment.

What I look forward to?

I believe the success of any Development Sociologist is not judged by academic qualifications or the number of community development books they have read, but by the sustainable community development approaches they implement in the society.

It is about commitment to poverty eradication, social justice, and the belief that when people work together they can improve the quality of life they lead through sustainable community development initiatives.

I have a strong drive for innovation in any aspect of life that fosters development in the community.

As a community development professional, I liaise with other stake holders and relevant authorities to bring about community development and social change.

I am often the bridge between the community and the local authority as well as with other voluntary bodies such as social workers and NGOs. 

Enjoy these free resources to start sustainable living.

Me and our farm

Sustainable Living Practices

As a researcher and development sociologist, I am proud to feature our activities and events that are geared towards creating a more sustainable lifestyle practices through research, development and extension.


Research Writing Tools

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Sustainable Living Books

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I am Lloyd Celeste.  When I am not busy with my full time job, I am tinkering on small things that don’t matter with majority of the people. 

I love challenges and this makes me more eager to do what I love to do. 



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